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Playgarden Pren Online - Our Story Playgarden Pren Online - Our Story


Since our founding, Playgarden has focused on creating educational and developmental programs for the youngest children. Through the expertise of certified Montessori teachers, physical and cognitive therapists, special needs educators, and visual and musical artists, we developed educational programs for children ages 18 months to 5 years.

Playgarden opened a new location in the Upper East Side in 2017 to focus exclusively on formal early learning, tailoring the space to create a nurturing, enriching environment to impart our Playgarden Prep Classes.

In 2019 we started working on providing access to our early education programs online, which were made available to families in the fall of 2020.

Over the last couple of years at Playgarden Online, we've strived to make sure families are able to have the best learning possible while at home. We've created a comprehensive online preschool program for little ones learning at home all week, a Play and Learn program for families that want to complement the education they receive at school or daycare, and different learning tools that add new layers of learning, such as DIY educational materials and educational toys.

At Playgarden we have always believed in whole child development. This has become even more important during the pandemic, as children have been subject to all sorts of restrictions for the last 2 years. This is why we have made all of our curriculum that relates to wellbeing—Topics like Social and Emotional Development, Physical Health, Nutrition, and even Sleep are available online, in addition to being incorporated in our various programs.

Playgarden Pren Online - Our Story


Playgarden is striving to become the premier provider of early education programs for children ages 12 months to 5 years. We will do so by developing innovative programs tailored to the different educational stages of childhood, and through our team members' love for early education and helping children. We will provide the right content, in the right place and at the right time. Our team is and will continue to be composed of a diverse group of friendly, energetic, talented individuals who are passionate about giving a great performance in their work and life. At the core of our Playgarden community is a belief in and support of equity and inclusion. We will take care of children as if they were our own, instilling them with confidence and a love of learning.

What you’ll find on Playgarden Prep Online:

Playgarden Prep Online - Online Preschool Playgarden Prep Online - Online Preschool


Experience a comprehensive and proven preschool curriculum! Our online preschool follows our elite Manhattan private preschool schedule, led by certified teachers and loved by thousands of NYC students.

Playgarden Prep Online - Play and Learn Playgarden Prep Online - Play and Learn


A space to complement learning at school or daycare—Full of art projects, educational worksheets, and hands-on lessons taught by our Certified teachers. Here you will find weekly content for 2-3 days of learning in subjects like science, math, language, and other key skills. Plus, experience fun live classes to do together on the weekends! Take our Music, Hip-Hop, Yoga, and Cooking classes as a family.

Playgarden Prep Online - Learing tools Playgarden Prep Online - Learing tools


Hands-on learning is important for early development! Our Learning Kits provide custom curated educational toys and materials delivered directly to your home. Our DIY projects are easy for grown ups to make, and hard for kids to put down! Little ones can develop skills such as counting, sorting, matching, fine motor skills, language, and emotional literacy—All while having fun! Our DIY materials are carefully designed by educators to encourage cognitive development and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Playgarden Prep Online - Kids Corner Playgarden Prep Online - Kids Corner


A space just for kids! The KidsCorner is a safe space where learning is paired with silly, hilarious educational videos. Little ones can learn with their favorite Playgarden Prep teachers in a fun and engaging way. Kids love that they are in charge (and "sneaking in" extra screen time), and parents love that it's a safe, captivating environment where kids can have fun learning!

Playgarden Prep Online - wellness Playgarden Prep Online - wellness


At Playgarden Prep, our goal is to promote and support wellness during the early years. We've created a series of videos, activities, and printables with the goal of helping children with their social and emotional development. We believe that this type of support is more important now than ever before; young children have grown up in a world of COVID-related disruptions, including limited social interactions. Our unique content is focused on building a foundation of wellness and generating positive emotional opportunities for little ones 2-5 years old!