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Students who graduate from Playgarden are guaranteed to meet or surpass their Kindergarten Readiness Standards.


Do you want to give your little one a great education at home, but lack the time, skills, and energy to do it yourself?

Playgarden makes it easy to teach your child reading, writing, math, and other Pre-K skills, all while staying active, engaged, and socializing.

See how Playgarden Online works!

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"As a homeschool parent, Playgarden Prep Online gave me the structure I needed to consistently keep a weekly schedule. With the self-paced daily lessons, live workshops, and written worksheets, I could use Playgarden Prep Online to spread out the lessons and activities throughout the day, and supplement with library and museum memberships and sports for the socialization part of learning. It works!"

Rebekka, Stellen's Mom

Money Back
100% Satisfaction

Money-Back Guarantee

Sign up for your free trial today, and you'll be covered by our iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not impressed by our hundreds of hours of online lessons and activities, you can write to us any time after your free trial has ended and we'll refund every penny.

Live Classes

Our UNLIMITED live classes ensure that children are engaged and learning throughout the day! Little ones can socialize with peers, and learn directly from the teachers they see in their daily lesson videos—the same teachers who teach our in-person classes in New York City!

We offer a variety of daily classes for all of our students, including:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Storytime
  • Spelling Bee
  • Worksheet Review
  • Story Sharing
  • Movement
  • and more

We also have teacher-led Playdates with small student groups, to promote socialization.

Live Classes

Meet the teachers

Our online preschool teachers are the same teachers that teach in our NYC locations. They are knowledgeable, experienced educators who love teaching little ones in-person or virtually.
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Find out more about each Playgarden Prep teacher

What parents are saying:

“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful online preschool experience that my child, Vivi, has had this year. The teachers have been excellent, and Vivi has learned so much in a fun and engaging way. I especially appreciate the variety of live classes that my kid has been able to take, including art class, music class, dance class, and movement class. These classes have helped her to develop her creativity, her fine motor skills, and her gross motor skills. The play dates have also been a highlight of our experience. She has loved getting to interact with other kids her age and make new friends. The play dates have also been a great opportunity for her to practice her social skills. Overall, I am very impressed with the program. The teachers are excellent, the classes are engaging, and the play dates are a lot of fun. I highly recommend this program to parents looking for a quality preschool experience for their children.” Bhanu Father of Vivisha (3/4)
Tessa, Brady’s Mother
“This program has been absolutely amazing and has gifted my son. At kindergarten registration they believe he might even be able to skip right to first grade with how advanced Playgarden Prep has helped him!! Thank you again!” Tessa Brady’s Mother
“As an educator myself I am consistently impressed with the amount of care placed into every aspect of Playgarden's online content. The curriculum is thoughtfully planned out with activities perfect to engage young children. Their program has helped set a foundation for education for John and has proven to be invaluable for learning at home. We could not have found a better online learning environment for our son!” Lexi Mom of John (4)
“My daughter loves learning with Playgarden Prep Online! She wants to watch every day and we feel safe knowing she is getting a daily dose of learning in every sitting!” Vivian Mom of Harper (2)
“Playgarden Prep is the best place for young children online! We did not know how much Henry would absorb through an online preschool and are blown away by how much he is learning! We would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to prepare their child for school.” David Dad of Henry 3
“Playgarden Prep teachers are a god-send! Charlotte loves to watch her favorite teachers and we love that she is learning so much!” Marybeth Mom of Charlotte (3.5)
“Our daughters have learned so much with Playgarden Prep, not only educationally but socially too. The curriculum is impressive, flexible and well rounded. Our daughters also adore the Playgarden songs and listen to them every day. These songs and the Playgarden Prep teachers have become a part of our family.” Jackie Mom of Sienna (4) and Chloe (2)
“I never thought I could be in love with my child’s online preschool until he started at Playgarden Prep. This program has set the bar for me for online learning. The teachers are warm, incredibly engaging and introduce so many subjects! The educational materials are impressive and it is a gift to see my son enjoying learning so much!” Stacy Mom of Liam (4)
“You guys are amazing... my daughter knows letters, numbers, continents & planets before she even turned 3 and that barely scratches the surface! Thanks for helping parents give their kids real learning at home!” Rachel Mom of Gabriella (3)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Playgarden Prep's Online Preschool?

Playgarden Prep's online preschool is a premier online preschool program offering children 2-4 years old a private preschool experience at home! The Online Preschool program offers a private preschool curriculum, lessons with certified teachers, hands-on learning tools, and a daily learning schedule. You can sign up for your free trial here.

2. What age range is this program best suited for?

While our program is ideal for children aged two and up, little ones under two may still be able to follow along with our video lessons and worksheets. Because our memberships can be used for the whole family, younger siblings can benefit from seeing their older siblings at work. If you find that the Daily Lessons are too advanced, you can also try introducing your little one to our KidsCorner, which is full of funny educational videos for hours of Edu-tainment! At our in-person NYC preschools, children as old as 5 have benefited from Playgarden Prep's custom curriculum.

3. Is an online preschool as effective as a regular preschool?

Absolutely! Playgarden Prep’s online preschool follows the same curriculum as our elite and award winning preschools in New York City. Your little one will learn from the same teachers that teach at our in-person schools, using the same worksheets and educational tools. With technology, our goal is to make sure that children can have access to a real, effective learning experience at home. Check out some of our parent testimonials that highlight how well their children are doing while learning with Playgarden Prep Online!

4. What is the program length and daily schedule?

We offer 27 weeks of Daily lessons, and we recommend repeating some weeks; with children under 5, repetition is key! With repetition and accommodating typical school year breaks, such as Winter and Spring breaks, the program will last for a full 9-month school year–though you are always welcome to take it at the best pace for your little one! Because our Daily Lessons are pre-recorded, they can be completed at any time of year. Additionally, we offer our Live Zoom classes year-round for a whole year of learning! The days can be as long or short as you want! You can get a full day of online preschool learning from 9AM-12PM if your little one does their Daily Lessons, Worksheets, Activities, and more! We also offer our Live Classes throughout the day, and you can visit our Video and Music Libraries at any time for an all-day educational experience!

5. Can I start online preschool anytime, anywhere?

Absolutely! Our program has been developed so that you can start it when it's most convenient for your family. Your little one will get started with their first day of class on our platform, and will continue to learn and grow as they progress through the program. Our virtual preschool live classes are meant to complement the daily learning from our lesson videos and worksheets, and to provide a place for little ones to socialize and interact with their teachers. You can access Playgarden Prep’s online preschool program from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone device— anywhere in the world!

6. Do I need to accompany my child during online preschool?

While we do suggest that an adult supervise your child while they watch our videos, we have developed the platform so that a child can watch unattended if you need to take a short break. You may find that your little one will need more supervision if they are younger, and less supervision if they are older.

7. What if my child doesn't like going to preschool online?

Our online curriculum is the same as the curriculum we use at our in-person locations in New York City, where we've been the first preschool experience for children 2, 3 and 4 years old for over ten years. We know it takes time getting used to new things, so we've created a gradual and fun introduction to our program. Your little one will love and look forward to attending preschool online by the end of your 15 day trial! You can sign up for your free trial here.

8. What is the difference in educational content between your online preschool and in-person preschool?

When you sign up for Playgarden Prep's online preschool, you will have access to up to 1.5 hours of educational content every day, 5 days a week. This is about the same educational content that you get in a regular day of preschool! Our In-person preschool includes checking in, getting to the classroom, getting ready for class, lunch break, naps, getting ready to go home, and check out—all of which take a lot of time for children ages 2-5.

9. Can you actually do Montessori preschool online?

Yes—We make sure that our online preschool materials follow the Montessori Curriculum. While there may be some hurdles to jump over, we do our best to modify Montessori-based lessons for an online setting; additionally, we suggest Montessori materials that compliment our lessons, and can help you to set up a Montessori workspace to create a proper learning experience!

10. Does my child get a certificate for completing the online preschool program?

Absolutely! We love celebrating accomplishments. Our workbooks provide Diplomas for every letter learned and every month of work completed. We also provide a Certificate for having completed the whole school year of preschool online, using the uploaded worksheets and progress reports from your Student Cubby as evidence of your little one's hard work.

11. What is the Social & Emotional platform?

It is a program that provides parents with everyday help with their little ones at home. Every week you will get recommendations for nutrition, focused play, quality time together, physical activity, sensory play, emotion regulation, and book readings. Our teacher videos will also help little ones to develop skills that increase their happiness, deal with new situations, and to thrive in a social world.

12. How many Live Classes do you offer?

We offer two to five 30-minute live classes each day, Monday to Friday, 50 weeks of the year. Online preschool students have unlimited access to the live classes. Go to as many classes as you want or to the ones that best meet your schedule or your little one's interest.

13. Is there a student limit in each live class?

No there is not a limit, but we do open new classes if we see that a class is getting too popular, so little ones still get the opportunity to interact with the teacher and actively participate. Playdates do have a limit of 10 children in each playdate and worksheet reviews, to make sure students get the most out of those classes. We do require reservations for Playdates.

Why learn with Us?

Our Online Preschool Lessons Support Language And Literacy, Cognitive (Math, Science, And More), Physical, Emotional And Social Growth!

Grow and develop movement and motor skills in our Movement area.
Observe, experiment, and ask questions in our Science Lessons.
Study numbers, arithmetic, patterns and more, in Math.
Work on your writing of letters, numbers and words in our Writing Lessons.
Sing, Dance, and play instruments when learning all about Music.
Learn about the Earth and its land, water, air and other living things in Geography.
Develop language skills to understand and communicate with our Language Lessons.
Think, explore, and develop the knowledge to problem solve with Cognitive learning.
Act, sing and dance along with our puppet theatre and other live lessons.
Learn and listen while watching our Storytime activities and classes.
Use your 5 senses in our fun Sensory Lessons.
Create and imagine with our hands-on art projects and DIY area.


Elite Private Preschool Experience
Playgarden Prep Online
Preschool Curriculum


Experience a comprehensive and proven preschool curriculum! Our online preschool follows our elite Manhattan private preschool schedule, led by certified teachers and loved by thousands of NYC students.



Learn every day with impactful video lessons and educational songs! Young students thrive when introduced to Language, Math, Science, Music, Art, Movement and Nutrition presented in an engaging and fun way!



Build cognitive skills with custom worksheets designed to improve focus and concentration. Students practice tracing, counting, sorting and matching to build a strong foundation of early learning!



Hands-on learning is a crucial component of early education! Playgarden Prep offers workbooks, projects, DIY materials, sensory table ideas and Learning Kits sent to your home to inspire little learners!



Join our teachers to enjoy Live Zoom classes! Kids love our unique Music, Movement, Storytime, Spelling, and Art classes. With a variety of classes, offered multiple times a day, we make it easy to fit your schedule!



Socialize with friends without leaving home with Playgarden Prep Playdates! Playdates are moderated by teachers to encourage socialization through play. Providing social and emotional opportunities for happy, healthy children!

Are you ready to become a member of the Playgarden Prep Online community?



It's fun to learn at Playgarden Prep! Children love learning and earning patches as they explore our extensive platform. Document your child's educational journey with individualized student portfolios!



Children enjoy hours of engaging educational content in our diverse library of over 1,200 activities! Save your favorites to create a personalized learning experience and share your work to connect with our community!



Families love our educational playlists that keep kids singing, dancing and learning with hundreds of custom early learning songs! Listen on the go, in the car or play at home to jam out with educational music!



Promote and support social & emotional well-being during the early years. Our unique content is focused on a foundation of wellness and generating positive emotional opportunities for little ones!

Specialized Learning

Specialized Learning

Our program is designed for all types of specialized learning, supporting children with autism as well as advanced learners. Playgarden's curriculum places emphasis on literacy and phonetics, with social and emotional development tools helping your child reach their learning goals. Autistic students enjoy the flexibility of being able to learn anytime, anywhere. Learn more here.



Learn anywhere, anytime with Playgarden Prep! Add multiple children and caregivers for FREE to provide learning for the whole family! Bring us along to turn any screen time into good screen time!

Thousands of Lessons Learned!

Lessons completed Come join us!


Multiple Enrollment Options

All of our plans have monthly or annual subscription options, offering varying ways to access Playgarden Prep's curriculum and teachers.

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Want to have some 'me' time? Let your little ones play in the Kids Corner

Children love that they are in control and parents love that their little ones are still learning as they wiggle and giggle with fun, silly videos and songs. Check it out!

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Meet Our Head of Schools:

Miss Beth

Miss Beth is an early childhood educator with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education who is dedicated to creating meaningful educational experiences for her online preschool and in-person pre-k students. Once described by a parent as a modern-day Mr. Rogers, she is a fan favorite of our online preschool students!

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