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Playgarden Prep Online - Tessa, Brady’s Mother
“This program has been absolutely amazing and has gifted my son. At kindergarten registration they believe he might even be able to skip right to first grade with how advanced Playgarden Prep has helped him!! Thank you again!” Tessa Brady’s Mother
Playgarden Prep Online - Lexi
“As an educator myself I am consistently impressed with the amount of care placed into every aspect of Playgarden's online content. The curriculum is thoughtfully planned out with activities perfect to engage young children. Their program has helped set a foundation for education for John and has proven to be invaluable for learning at home. We could not have found a better online learning environment for our son!” Lexi Mom of John (4)
Playgarden Prep Online - Vivian
“My daughter loves learning with Playgarden Prep Online! She wants to watch every day and we feel safe knowing she is getting a daily dose of learning in every sitting!” Vivian Mom of Harper (2)
“Playgarden Prep is the best place for young children online! We did not know how much Henry would absorb through an online preschool and are blown away by how much he is learning! We would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to prepare their child for school.” David Dad of Henry 3
“Playgarden Prep teachers are a god-send! Charlotte loves to watch her favorite teachers and we love that she is learning so much!” Marybeth Mom of Charlotte (3.5)
Playgarden Prep Online - Jackie
“Our daughters have learned so much with Playgarden Prep, not only educationally but socially too. The curriculum is impressive, flexible and well rounded. Our daughters also adore the Playgarden songs and listen to them every day. These songs and the Playgarden Prep teachers have become a part of our family.” Jackie Mom of Sienna (4) and Chloe (2)
Playgarden Prep Online - Stacy
“I never thought I could be in love with my child’s online preschool until he started at Playgarden Prep. This program has set the bar for me for online learning. The teachers are warm, incredibly engaging and introduce so many subjects! The educational materials are impressive and it is a gift to see my son enjoying learning so much!” Stacy Mom of Liam (4)
Playgarden Prep Online - Rachel
“You guys are amazing... my daughter knows letters, numbers, continents & planets before she even turned 3 and that barely scratches the surface! Thanks for helping parents give their kids real learning at home!” Rachel Mom of Gabriella (3)

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What age range is this program best suited for?

Playgarden's Library Preschool is for children ages 2 to 5 years old. We've found that it's most ideal for families looking to prepare their children for Kindergarten; most of our students are 3 and 4 years old, but children of all ages are welcome!

2. How can I sign up?

As an individual, simply create an account to start your 15 day FREE trial.If you have a library card from a participating library, you can provide your library card number at signup HERE. After providing your library card number, you will immediately gain access to our Preschool program for FREE, with a complete school year's worth of educational content.

3. Can families access Playgarden Library Preschool outside the library?

Absolutely, Playgarden is designed for families on the go. It works great at home and in the library. It's early learning at home, at libraries and even on the road. The platform is optimized for mobile use so it's easy to use everywhere with internet access.

4. What is the best way to use the Playgarden Library Preschool in my library?

Playgarden's Library Preschool allows families to create unlimited profiles for multiple children. Each profile will have an individualized learning path to get young children ready for Kindergarten. This means that families can watch thousands of educational videos on their own at home, or with other children at the library! A key component of the Online Preschool is the educational worksheets, which can be printed at the library for hands-on learning. With Playgarden's Library Preschool, young children can socialize with peers in-person at the library, and with teachers online during our live classes (via Zoom).

5. What are the system requirements to access the Playgarden Library Preschool?

Playgarden Online is a cloud based platform, which works on any device connected to the internet. Just visit to start learning! You can bookmark the site, and easily create a shortcut for desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Playgarden is compatible with the latest versions of all major internet browsers.

Desktop: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge

Mobile: Google Chrome, Samsung Internet, iOS 11+

Stable Internet connection with a minimum speed of 5 mb/s

6. Can you use Playgarden's Library Preschool in other languages?

All our lessons are in English, but the Platform's instructions can be viewed in English or in Spanish! We are actively working to incorporate other languages, and expect to offer French, Portuguese, and Arabic languages in the near future. Families will be able to choose the language that works best for them to use the platform.

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