Magnetic Fish

Catch some giggles and develop skills while playing! Set up a water sensory table with a drop of blue color dye. Throw in the fish, and use a magnet attached to a string and stick to form an at-home fishing excursion. You can have this be a rainbow-fishing trip or add letters and or numbers to the fish for an even deeper sea discovery.  If you want to add letters, begin with what is familiar to your child—start with the letters of their name.  On a separate piece of paper write their name out and have them match each fish or letter to each letter in their name.  You can also do this for the entire alphabet and for numbers! This is a wonderful activity that works on hand-eye coordination, focus, resilience and fine motor skills. 


  • Hot Glue
  • Permanent Markers
  • Parchment Paper
  • Paper Clips

How To

  • Using tape, secure four sides of a piece of parchment paper to the countertop or table.
  • Outline a fish shape and fill it in using permanent markers---don’t forget the eyeball!
  • Place a paper clip over the fish and cover it with hot glue. Start with the outline of the fish and then fill it in. Make sure you cover the paperclip or it will snap out of the glue.
  • When the glue is completely dry, slowly remove the fish from the parchment paper. Depending on the color you use, you might need to go over the color again!
Magnetic Fish - DIY - Playgarden Online
Magnetic Fish - DIY - Playgarden Online
Magnetic Fish - DIY - Playgarden Online
Magnetic Fish - DIY - Playgarden Online


Hand-eye Coordination Hand-eye Coordination
Color Recognition Color Recognition
Fine motor Fine motor
Shape Recognition Shape Recognition

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