Let Playgarden prepare your child for school at home!

Our expert teachers and award-winning curriculum are guaranteed to provide your child with the skills they need to succeed in school!

Don’t let your little one start school unprepared!

Four out of 10 children test below grade level in their kindergarten entry assessments each year.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence showing that kids who enter kindergarten behind will likely struggle beyond kindergarten. Investing in a quality early childhood education sets children up for school readiness by building necessary skills to succeed in and out of school. Children gain social skills, attentiveness, independence and early language development.

With Playgarden Online, kids can learn and grow at home with the exact same tools and teachers found in our private NYC preschools.

Comprehensive education, so easy to use that some parents call it “a personal assistant who ensures my child is on track with their developmental and emotional needs, instead of leaving it all up to me."

Our innovative online preschool platform introduces little ones to:

Playgarden teachers will provide you with progress reports and easy-to-follow ways to support your child's growth and development.

Feel secure that your child is learning from the best! Our teachers are experts in early childhood education and have taught little ones in our NYC preschools for over 15 years.

Over 50% of America is struggling to find daycare, preschool and pre-K spaces in their area. Are you one of these families?

Playgarden provides children with the foundational skills and confidence they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond!

Playgarden is easy to use! Your child engages in early learning anytime for a fraction of the cost of in-person preschool programs.

Playgarden students are better prepared than peers, with 9 out of 10 children placed in the top of their class when entering kindergarten!

Playgarden Prep encourages whole-child development:

Students are inspired to learn and gain valuable skills that ready them for Kindergarten!

Have your child ready for Kindergarten with Playgarden Online! Our proven program and expert teachers give little ones everything they need to succeed in school.

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