Playgarden's virtual preschool program includes daily and weekly educational activities; children can have their own focused learning time, and parents and children can create and play together. Importantly, every week Playgarden teachers will help children develop skills that increase their potential to thrive in a social world. They will learn about emotion regulation, communication, gratitude, perseverance, values, and more—all through entertaining songs, book readings, crafts, worksheets, and more!
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The Virtual Preschool Experience

What is Included in Virtual Preschool?

Our program has been proven after over a decade at our in-person NYC schools.

At Playgarden Prep, you get access to Elite teachers.

What are the Daily Lessons like?

Each of our video lessons was designed to keep your child engaged, while learning about various subjects from a Playgarden Prep teacher. Because these lessons are pre-recorded, you can pause or rewatch at any time! We cover all of the core subjects to make sure that your child meets all of their developmental benchmarks: language, math, science, reading, geography, art, theatre, movement, sensory, and nutrition. All of our virtual preschool curriculum comes from our in-person preschool lessons taught at our NYC schools. The program also includes features, like:

Approaches to Learning
Approaches to Learning: Curiosity, Initiative, Creativity, Attentiveness
Language & Literacy
Language & Literacy: Reading, Comprehension, Alphabet Knowledge, Print Awareness, Phonetics, Storytelling
Cognitive: Math, Problem Solving, Memory, Numbers, Patterns, Counting, Cause & Effect, Spacial Awareness
Physical Development
Physical Development: Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Sensory, Movement, Self-care Social & Emotional tools: Self-regulation, Cooperation, Listening to others, Belonging, Routines, Life Skills
Playgarden Prep Online - Tessa, Brady’s Mother
“This program has been absolutely amazing and has gifted my son. At kindergarten registration they believe he might even be able to skip right to first grade with how advanced Playgarden Prep has helped him!! Thank you again!” Tessa Brady’s Mother
Playgarden Prep Online - Lexi
“As an educator myself I am consistently impressed with the amount of care placed into every aspect of Playgarden's online content. The curriculum is thoughtfully planned out with activities perfect to engage young children. Their program has helped set a foundation for education for John and has proven to be invaluable for learning at home. We could not have found a better online learning environment for our son!” Lexi Mom of John (4)
Playgarden Prep Online - Vivian
“My daughter loves learning with Playgarden Prep Online! She wants to watch every day and we feel safe knowing she is getting a daily dose of learning in every sitting!” Vivian Mom of Harper (2)
“Playgarden Prep is the best place for young children online! We did not know how much Henry would absorb through an online preschool and are blown away by how much he is learning! We would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to prepare their child for school.” David Dad of Henry 3
“Playgarden Prep teachers are a god-send! Charlotte loves to watch her favorite teachers and we love that she is learning so much!” Marybeth Mom of Charlotte (3.5)
Playgarden Prep Online - Jackie
“Our daughters have learned so much with Playgarden Prep, not only educationally but socially too. The curriculum is impressive, flexible and well rounded. Our daughters also adore the Playgarden songs and listen to them every day. These songs and the Playgarden Prep teachers have become a part of our family.” Jackie Mom of Sienna (4) and Chloe (2)
Playgarden Prep Online - Stacy
“I never thought I could be in love with my child’s online preschool until he started at Playgarden Prep. This program has set the bar for me for online learning. The teachers are warm, incredibly engaging and introduce so many subjects! The educational materials are impressive and it is a gift to see my son enjoying learning so much!” Stacy Mom of Liam (4)
Playgarden Prep Online - Rachel
“You guys are amazing... my daughter knows letters, numbers, continents & planets before she even turned 3 and that barely scratches the surface! Thanks for helping parents give their kids real learning at home!” Rachel Mom of Gabriella (3)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Do I Watch the Daily Lessons and join the live Zoom classes?

The Daily Lesson videos are available to you on our website after you’ve signed up for our Online Preschool plan. You will see different videos every day based on your little one’s progress in the program. You can also join the Live Classes directly through our platform—Just be sure to download Zoom! You can schedule Live Classes onto your calendar, and enable email reminders via your accounts page.

2. What time will my little one need to attend Virtual Preschool?

Anytime! Daily Lessons are pre-recorded to meet your family’s schedule. You can complete a full lesson each day, or you can take things at a slower/faster pace based on your child’s needs. Live Zoom classes are available at varying times throughout the day, to accommodate different time zones. Live Classes are supplemental to the Daily Lessons, so you don’t need to worry about attending each and every class; design your own schedule with our flexible learning options!

3. What if we finish our Daily Lessons for the day?

Our virtual preschool also includes a Well-being section, where parents can access videos from Playgarden Prep teachers that help with everyday parenting challenges. These educational videos are for children to watch alone, or with their caregivers, and are accompanied by worksheets and printables. Each week you will be recommended a series of DIY projects, art projects, Do-It-Together projects, games, snacks, music recommendations, and more; little ones can spend time away from digital devices, while still being engaged and entertained. You will also receive weekly book recommendations, with videos of your child’s favorite Playgarden teachers reading along! Our subjects are not only engaging, but support emotional development and promote well-being.

4. What is The Tuition?

Virtual Preschool is $99.99 per month, or $74.99 per month if you pay for the whole year.

5. Are There Any Additional Benefits of Our Virtual Preschool Program?

In addition to everything mentioned above, those who enroll in our online preschool program will get exclusive access to more than 1,000 educational videos, have the ability to learn from anywhere, stay safe amidst COVID-19 concerns, gain access to webinars, and receive workbooks to your home!

To complete the virtual preschool experience, go to the well-being for toddlers platform for access to over 500 activities, projects, books, and videos from Playgarden Prep teachers to help with your little one's daily needs at home.

Who Can Apply for Virtual Preschool?

Our program is ideal for children ages 2 to 4, but we have had many younger and older siblings who have enjoyed participating, learning, and growing with us! We will ask you to fill out an application questionnaire, before your trial ends, to make sure the program is tailored and will work for your child’s needs.

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How to Apply

Try out for FREE for the first 15 days. Be part of the community; take some lessons, go to a few classes, use our workbook, do some DIY activities, have your little one play in the Kids Corner, and so much more. If you don’t see the value, there is no cost for you! But we are sure your little one—and you—will love it!

See why parents love Playgarden's Virtual preschool:

A Unique Benefit of Virtual Preschool & Virtual Pre-K—It Works for Different Types of Learning

As a virtual preschool, or preschool online, we are not limited by group sizes, all children can learn at their own pace and all children can choose to focus on what they like or need. We are also a Montessori based preschool which means the focus is on individualized learning and supporting children as they grow.

All students have access to our multi-year comprehensive program that we created over 15 years of in person teaching in our preschool and pre-K programs in NYC. This, combined with our proprietary technology platform, allows us to support different kinds of learning needs and styles at home.


Does your child show signs of being developmentally advanced? Gifted children are in the 98th percentile in terms of learning abilities, in one or more core subjects. Some states and countries consider them special needs students since they have learning needs that can’t be met in a regular preschool or Pre-K class. Our virtual preschool platform and programs help with that.

Consistent ways to stay engaged!


Would you like to give your preschooler extra help with language development? Recent studies are finding that children who started school during the pandemic need intensive reading help. In our preschools, we have seen the incoming classes (toddlers 20 months to 3 years old) are indeed coming in with a lower level of language development than in previous years. We developed our virtual preschool platform to provide that extra help with language and literacy.

We provide opportunities for families to Play and Learn together, which at the end of the day is the best way to learn.


At playgarden prep online, we help with speech and language delays and communication challenges. We created a specialized speech and language classroom in our preschool location in NY, where we provide an academic preschool curriculum that supports speech and language development. We incorporate that preschool and pre-k curriculum in our online program, with additional tools and support.

Let your child learn what they need, when they need it!


Is your child on the autism spectrum? In an online preschool, among other things, they don't need to stay seated to learn! Our online preschool program provides autistic students with:

Education that supports the needs of your family!
If you want more information about our specialized education programs, you can find out more at
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