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What Makes the Montessori Method Stand Out A child’s education shouldn’t begin and end in the classroom! Classroom lessons cover the basics of knowledge.

DIY throughout the year with our fun-filled seasonal projects. Create eco-friendly masterpieces for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

Learn on the go! Our DIY Travel toys are clean, fun and go with your little one anywhere. Just create, pack and play to learn whenever, wherever!

Learn through play with a variety of engaging games and puzzles! Children have a blast while learning the fundamental concepts of math, language, fine motor skills and more with our DIY Puzzles and Games!

Early learning toys are expensive and children grow out of them so quickly! Our DIY Early Learning projects support cognitive development for a fraction of the price, and help you easily provide appropriate tools for any learning stage!

Everyone LOVES Rainbows! Grab your little one and make any of our amazing DIY Rainbow projects for tons of joy and rainbow fun!

Our DIY Easy Peasy materials are the easiest and fastest DIY projects ever! In 3 steps or less, your little one is ready to learn through something YOU made. You are fantastic!

DIY Materials from A to Z

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