How it works

Our Online Preschool Program is Based on Science and 13 Years of teaching 2 to 4 year olds in New York City

Toddlers are visual learners, who learn by copying, repetition and affirming interactions with caregivers.

How it works
Our Program is Based on Science and 13 Years of teaching 2 to 4 year olds in New York City

Toddlers are visual learners, who learn by copying, repetition and affirming interactions with caregivers.

How To Use Playgarden Online

When you JOIN US you'll get

When you JOIN US you'll get:

  • A daily schedule of Lessons during the School Year - The Daily Lessons change every day and will be tailored to your child's progress.
  • A workbook sent to your home - The best and most important lessons to reinforce learning and create very imporant child-caregiver interactions
  • Access to multiple Live Classes a week- Reading, Music, Movement, Art and Nutrition (Cooking) to have fun while learning.
  • A weekly Playdate with our Teachers - An amazing way to socialize with other little ones.
  • Guidance from our Teachers - We'll send you a progress report, answer any questions via email and schedule parent workshops.
  • Access to the well-being platform, where you will get suggestions for Do-it-together activities, book readings, recipes for nutritious and fun meals as well as videos from teachers and experts to help Empower little ones.


do's of playgarden prep online

    Your little one to socialize, have fun, spend some energy, be focused for 30 minutes, reinforce his/her learning via Zoom


    As much as your little one wants to do that day, skip to the next day, you can always come back so you can finish a puzzle, get a new patch


    To see significant progress, stick with it, you'll definitely see how they learn and grow (upload the worksheets to see for yourself)

  • SET UP

    A routine of class everyday, set up a learning corner to watch the videos in the same place every day - as with anything new, it takes a little time getting use to it. 100s of Kids love these videos and our teachers!

don'ts of playgarden prep online

    Your little one to learn exclusively via Zoom - They are too young to sit down, absorb information and interact in a formal educational setting via Zoom - it JUST DOESN'T WORK


    Pressured to do watch all the Lessons and Activities in the Daily Lessons, every day


    Your little one to stay inside the lines doing the worksheets, do them all correctly at the beginning - Doing stuff with them is more important than getting it right


    Your little one is not engaged by the vidoes and give up

Daily Lessons
Daily Lessons

1. Watch our Daily Lesson videos—Sit down, observe, and absorb by learning at home.

Do the Worksheets

2. Do the worksheets—Caregivers will reinforce the lessons, while little ones strengthen their learning skills.

Live Classes
Live Classes

3. Go to a Live Zoom Class—Interact with other children and teachers for more stimulation and added socialization.


4. Use the Library—Play songs and watch more videos for more repetition.


5. Spend some quality time with your little one preparing snacks together, doing art projects, DIY games, or reading a book with our weekly suggestions in the Well-being platform. Watch videos from your favorite Playgarden teachers that help children deal with new emotions, face new challenges, and learn about mindfulness.

Kids Corner
Kids Corner

6. Take a break in the Kids Corner—Let your little one play the videos that they like most. These videos are made from other lessons so that they are still educational, even though they are silly!


Check out our Blogs and our Do-it-Yourself section, with easy to make projects and step by step instructions.
Materials DIY
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Playgarden Prep's easy-to-make and set up DIY early learning materials will help you keep up with your little one's ever-evolving developmental needs. We offer so many ways to boost your toddler's cognitive, physical and emotional growth! Our DIY projects are so much fun, that kids have no idea how much they are learning!

Our DIY projects are made by teachers and loved by kids! We make and use our DIY materials in our NYC preschools, using a minimal amount of materials (natural, recycled, or store-bought).

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You can create amazing learning moments for all occasions, including:
Puzzles and Games
and much more!
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