Playgarden Prep Wins 2023 M&A Global Awards

Playgarden Prep Wins 2023 M&A Global Awards - Playgarden Online
February 02, 2023

Playgarden Prep has won a 2023 M&A Today Global Award for Most Innovative Early Education Environment! See below for more information about the M&A Today Global Awards from EMG Publishing/KMH Media Group.

The M&A Today Awards strive to be the World’s most coveted and complete awards programs, taking votes from over 163 countries globally. The awards recognise dedication to excellence on a global basis.

By broadening the focus beyond advertising alone, the purpose of the Annual Awards is to lift the perception of creativity above clever headlines and provide the readership with a comprehensive understanding of those firms that are truly leaders within their chosen areas of specialization. The intellectual and emotional achievement of communication transcends the barriers of distance, language and culture.

The Annual Awards programs extend over regional, national and international boundaries, and reach out to the readers in an Empirical, impartial and comprehensive way.

Please find directly below a link to the Global Awards – 2022 edition, for reference;M&A Today 2022 Edition >>>

The awards follow a very specific, very comprehensive process. Following the closure of the voting process, which follows a very strict format of self-submission and third-party nomination, firms are shortlisted and selected as winners as follows;

Assessment stage:

For each category awarded a proprietary method of analysis ranks winners based on their domestic and international work. This ranking method produces a list of shortlisted firms, based on a very comprehensive set of criteria.

Judging stage:

Once all votes have been received, an independent panel of judges review the votes within each category.

The judges will assess the following in their considerations:

The strategic nature of work conducted.

The complexity of work conducted.

The scale of work conducted.

Whether the work conducted was done so in a speedy manner, and within budget.

Any ground-breaking or innovative processes used during completion of conducted work.

The judges have been asked to focus strongly on the complexity and strategic significance of work conducted.

The above criteria under-lines the importance of the recognition each award-winning firm is receiving based on being recognized as an M&A Today Award winner.

In summary, in the current incredibly challenging times, the M&A Today Annual Awards programs provide a benchmark of the very best of the best industry leaders, exemplary teams and distinguished organizations, based on the simple principles of veracity, accuracy and insight.

It is a requirement for all M&A Today Awards programs to receive no less than 27% in votes from the global readership, currently in excess of 538,000. This policy is applied to further endorse the worthiness of the awards presented and any marketing carried out as a result of the awards process.

[Playgarden’s] recognition and award, is as follows:

Most Innovative Early Education Environment – Playgarden Prep – USA


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