Potty Training Tips from Miss Beth

Potty Training Tips from Miss Beth - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte April 24, 2023 parenting tips

Now that the school year is coming to an end, the majority of our younger in-person students at Playgarden Prep are conquering potty training! If your little one is still in diapers, you can look to the tips below that our friend Miss Beth has shared with us (and with her in-person students’ families) for advice on potty training your child.

Look for the signs
Some signs include…
• Your child stays dry for long periods of time.
• Your child becomes aware of their urination or bowel movements.
• Your child develops the physical skills needed (like pulling down pants), or has the ability with adaptations (if your child has developmental variances), and can follow simple instructions.
• Most importantly, your child shows interest in and wants to use the potty!

Dress for success
• Make sure your child is dressed for easy and quick access to the potty; put them in clothing they can easily remove themselves.
• Lightweight pants/shorts with an elastic waist, and underwear that can easily be pulled up or down can make a difference in success.
• Zippers, snaps, and buttons can be tricky for little hands!
• Avoid dresses or skirts that might get dipped in the potty.

When returning to school
• Motivate your little one to also use the toilets in school.
• Send in extra clothes (elastic pants, underwear, and socks) in case of any accidents.

Get the environment ready
Have your little one involved in the process while you…
• Create an area in the bathroom for potty training tools and/or a child’s potty.
• Include wipes, books, and fidget toys to hold while waiting.
• Make bathroom things accessible for children to use independently.
• If using a big toilet, use a stool to make your child feel secure when on the toilet and washing hands.
• Provide soap and towels for washing hands independently.
• Set a positive tone using voice, word choice, and songs to motivate little ones.

Be consistent and patient
• Learning a new skill takes time, and accidents will happen!
• Allow your child the time they need to master potty training.
• It is not a lateral journey — there may be successes and setbacks.
• Tell your child you are proud of them for both succeeding and trying.
• Show understanding during accidents and use a positive message, such as: “We can always try again!”

Your teachers at Playgarden Prep will support you and your little one every step of the way!


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