How Does Community Support Contribute to Education?

How Does Community Support Contribute to Education? - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Julia May 18, 2023 preschool at home, Social Emotional Development

The task of educating children is not solely on the shoulders of teachers and schools. A strong community in support of children’s education can lead to quality early childhood education for everyone. Whatever school looks like for your family – in-person, online, homeschool, preschool-at-home, etc. – community involvement is essential when it comes to social and emotional development. Schools are designed to give your child the education they need, but may not necessarily offer the support needed that is traditionally received at home or through community. 

Schooling is only one way we watch kids grow up. While creating strong bonds with families and teachers is important, the community is an integral part of that early childhood educational system as well. Bonds are made at school, as well as through sports teams, classes and groups, that bring people with like interests together. Especially for families doing online homeschool or virtual preschool, getting involved in your community is great socializing that your child needs for their social emotional development as they navigate preschool-at-home. 

What does healthy community involvement in education look like?

  • Check in with community groups/leaders/educators on how to get involved
  • Respect the rules 
  • Have a clear goal and steps that work towards it

How can you get involved?

A community that prioritizes early childhood education can look like:

  • Being a present, supportive, and loving parent: learn about your kids’ passions and help them discover more about themselves with open minds and hearts
  • Becoming a team coach or sponsor for youth teams
  • Prioritizing time for learning at home — through online homeschool, virtual preschool, or other home-learning activities
  • Advocating for improvements in the education system in your community — cultural inclusion and celebration, student and staff support, structural improvements, etc.

Involvement in community and schools is vital, especially for schools that do not have the financial support they may need. As a child, seeing your parents get involved and help in the community can be one of the biggest inspirations for them to become a part of the community too.

Benefits for your children

For families enrolled in traditional in-person education, it can be difficult to find the time to work with your kids on their schoolwork. So we enlist the help of tutors or other outside help, who are often incredible resources that build our community. However, even an hour spent sitting with your little one while they work through homework or show you a new skill that they learned can benefit them greatly. 

If your family opts for preschool-at-home, you can join your child in an online class or video; watch as they learn and play with their biggest support system right next to them. A typical class is 30 to 45 minutes, a great amount of time to bond over learning, as well as socializing with other students. 

Parent involvement in schooling and community can also:

  • Inspire interest in extracurriculars
  • Lead to academic interest, which can also lead to –  
  • Academic longevity and success

Success rates for students are significantly higher when community, teachers, and parents prioritize education. Children will only grow and thrive when surrounded by the support of peers, adults, and resources in their community. Playgarden Prep offers many zoom classes, from story time to movement! Start your free trial here!


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