How To Support Your Little One’s Online Learning

How To Support Your Little One’s Online Learning - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte November 29, 2022 online preschool

Being a Team Player on Your Little One’s Online Preschool Team!

Ever since the pandemic began, everyone has been hard at work to develop online preschool options for little ones, so that they can take part in a key early learning experience while remaining safe and healthy. However, there is no foolproof plan for success, and it’s no secret that we’ve all faced challenges with attending preschool online as the years progress. The important thing to remember, though, is that the progress can’t end! Leading minds in the early childhood education world are quick to point out just how important it is to be a part of your little one’s online preschool experience, just as much as educators and the little ones themselves.

So, what exactly does this look like? One of the easiest ways to show up for your little one while they embark on the journey that is preschool online is….well, to show up! Supervision is enormously helpful no matter what age your child is, but little ones can definitely benefit from extra helping hands as they navigate online preschool. Think about the amount of times a day you have to go into your saved passwords document to remember login information, or research how to complete a task using technology. Now, put yourself in your little one’s shoes! It can be tough for them to get used to using the online platform, so it’s really important to just be around in case they need help, reminders or general assistance. At such a young age, you can’t expect them to master technology, nor should you want them to; little ones younger than five (and quite frankly, even older) learn best when taught in-person. Therefore, it’s crucial to your child’s development that you be an active participant in their online preschool experience. Online preschool platforms like Playgarden Online can be incredibly helpful to begin homeschooling your little one, but it is still up to you to be their best teacher.

Scheduling is another hugely helpful way to keep your little one’s online preschool experience on track. A little bit of structure helps everyone, especially when the boundaries between work, play, and home are blurred by the use of a preschool online program. This is a way in which both you and your little one’s teachers can help build structure in your little one’s learning routine. Teachers from your online preschool program may post daily schedules or write morning messages to the little ones, and you can fill in the gaps by providing your little one with designated times for snack, play, or mental breaks so that they do not lose motivation to learn. You can download Playgarden’s Daily Routine Checklists HERE and HERE, to help keep track of your little one’s schedule from day-to-day.

Keeping that motivation during online preschool is so crucial to your little one’s learning experience, so don’t be afraid to let them learn through play! There are so many amazing qualities that get fostered through play, such as creativity and an ability to collaborate with peers, so it’s okay to let your little one explore a bit through their playtimes

Finally, one of the best pieces of advice any of us can receive is this: ask for help if you need it. There is no age limit on learning, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed if your little one is struggling with preschool online. So, get in touch with your little one’s teachers, and make sure you can give yourself those mental breaks whenever possible—parents are people too!

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