Challenges Little Ones Face with Online Preschool

Challenges Little Ones Face with Online Preschool - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte November 10, 2022 parenting tips

While the online learning platform has done wonderful things for making learning more accessible, there were many challenges that were presented as well. It was tough for adults to get used to online learning, and kids are no different. However, because online preschool learning is just another part of “the new normal,” it is very important to ensure that your little one is well-prepared! Virtual school and work are not going away any time soon, so being sure to help your little one acclimate to this new environment is crucial. It’s key that you show your little one that you are interested in helping them! Big changes always take a bit of time to get used to, and you are the best tool your little one has to help them get used to virtual preschool. Be interested and engaged with them when they are having trouble, and provide encouragement and excitement for their successes. Imparting the importance of learning on them is huge! However, not all changes are seamless; it’s important to know what to expect if you are considering enrolling in virtual preschool, so here are some potential difficulties your little one may encounter at first if they are learning online, as well as some ideas to help avoid them.

A Distracting Space

We’ve talked about this in many of our articles, but one of the most obvious challenges your little one may encounter in an online preschool setting relates to the world around them. If your little one is trying to learn in a space that is full of temptations and distractions from their work, they will not be as compelled to learn as they might be in a space free of distraction and specific to their learning time. This doesn’t have to be a huge space, just somewhere that is quiet and clean and has a comfy place to sit for a while.

Boredom with Learning

Who among us likes to sit and hear someone talk at us for hours on end with no engagement? It can be really tough for your little one to enjoy learning in a virtual preschool setting if the curriculum isn’t fun. Luckily, this challenge is very easily overcome by choosing an online preschool that will provide them with opportunities to be creative and interactive with the material they are learning, whether it is at home experiments, interactive modules on the internet, or any other opportunity to interact with the world around them!

Inexperienced Teachers

We all had to learn to adapt to the online learning platform, even our teachers. So many educators had wonderful in-person lesson plans, but having a good amount of knowledge on the subject they teach isn’t enough to keep little ones engaged in a virtual preschool setting, and if your little one’s teacher has difficulty engaging with the class, doesn’t encourage interaction, or does not know how to format an online preschool module, learning may be extra tough for your little one as a result. Fortunately, so many places, such as Playgarden Online, have a number of experienced teachers who know how to utilize a virtual preschool platform to the best of their abilities, and can prepare a fruitful and engaging learning experience, even from afar!

(Still!) Too Much Paper Homework

Don’t get us wrong—doing homework can be very helpful in certain circumstances. However, it can be a very tedious, unenjoyable way of learning skills, and is likely to encourage a slight disinterest in the subject material your little one is learning. One of the best ways to work around this is to use that technological platform to your advantage! The internet is full of fun and educational ways of introducing new subject material to your little ones, as well as games and tasks that will help them practice those skills. Another great way of making sure your little one is engaged in their practice is to just find ways to utilize learning in your daily routine. If your little one is trying to learn counting, help them count each step they take up a set of stairs, or ask them how many grapes they’re having! If your little one sees the real-world application for what they’re doing, they will likely be interested in learning more.

All of this may sound scary, but it’s actually very manageable! Everything just takes a bit of time to get used to, and if you enroll your little one in an online preschool knowing what to expect and how to ameliorate any problems, their online learning experience will be a success. Thinking outside the box will prepare them for future learning and careers, and technology can be used to their advantage rather than their detriment!

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