5 Benefits of Online Educational Activities for Children

5 Benefits of Online Educational Activities for Children - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Julia February 04, 2023 EdTech, Preschool Activities, preschool at home

By the age of 8, it is possible that your child may have spent an average of about 7.5 hours (a day) in front of a screen. In recent years, kids have gained more access to, and knowledge of, technology. This generation is arguably the most educated about technology since the internet was created.

While there is nothing wrong with giving limited access to devices like iPads to your little one, just like adults, over-usage can have some negative effects. 

That being said, smartphones and other devices are excellent tools when used to your child’s advantage. Technology is already available in the classroom for children with special needs — technology with educational programs that benefit their classroom experience. Preschool online is becoming more accessible, and families doing preschool at home are using online tools like educational videos and enrichment classes over Zoom, and the content is ever growing. So with educational preschool activities like these available at your child’s fingertips, why not use them?

Implementing educational activities into your child’s screen time can benefit their mental abilities. With interactive elements and educational games, you can rest easy knowing your little one’s time on the screen is well spent. 

Now, what exactly are these benefits?

Prepare Them for Real Life

Especially for families doing preschool at home or preschool online, socializing with kids your little one’s age is super important. Since the pandemic, an incredible amount of enrichment classes for children have been moved online to Zoom. Kids fill up these digital rooms from their homes and get the chance to sing, dance, and learn with kids from all around the world. They get an idea of how a popular platform like Zoom works, and it can prepare them to socialize in a traditional classroom or playground setting. One of the Zoom classes offered at Playgarden Prep Online is a cooking class where kids can follow the teacher with their own foods at home. Learning to cook is a skill your little one will most definitely benefit from having. Click here to start a trial with Playgarden Prep and get access to our many Zoom classes!

Encourage Creativity

Children are always looking for a creative outlet. They are ready to make a mess the moment you give the “ok.” Some kids are just waiting for permission to let their imagination run wild, and what they run with can be inspiring. For the aspiring artists out there, there are a multitude of apps on smart devices that are kid-friendly. Give your child an iPad with a blank canvas and a stylus that they can turn into virtually any medium and see what they create. They get the chance to explore all the different colors, shapes, and styles they can work with on one device. There are also educational videos that correspond with workbooks, where your little one can follow along with a teacher as they do a variety of worksheets that include preschool activities from coloring to mazes to matching. These can help your little one practice their problem-solving skills and encourage them to get creative. Playgarden Preschool Online offers workbooks and worksheet follow-along videos, as well as hands-on DIY and sensory activities for toddlers.

Trigger Executive Functioning

Decision-making and problem-solving make up what is called executive functioning. Online educational activities involve both engagement and interaction, so they are facing obstacles within their preschool activities where they may need to find alternative solutions, also known as flexible thinking. Say your little one is doing a puzzle on an iPad; they are actively placing a piece that may fit (one solution), observing that it does not fit (obstacle), and looking through the other pieces that may fit (other solutions). As the activities get more challenging, they get to practice finding multiple solutions, comparing pros and cons, and coming to their own conclusions. 

Reinforce Memory

Retaining information learned in school, (whether it’s in-person or preschool at home,) can be difficult for some children. With the help of online preschool activities, your little one can practice memory skills with matching and problem-solving activities that they will want to play over and over. As these games get more challenging, little ones will have to find new strategies and begin piecing together their mental tool belt.

Improve Attention and Vigilance

Studies have shown that in the United States, around 6 million kids are diagnosed with an attention disorder. With tools like online preschool activities, students practice sticking to targets and goals whilst combatting distractions. Students with ADHD can benefit from these types of preschool activities — helping focus on the goal and dealing with the obstacles in front of them.

Online educational activities are becoming some of our best tools for learning online, especially for families choosing homeschool preschool, preschool online, or preschool at home. There are so many sources at your fingertips, and Playgarden Prep Online is a great place to start your preschool at home journey. Start your free trial today!


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