5 Homeschool Activities for Toddlers

5 Homeschool Activities for Toddlers - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte September 28, 2023 homeschooling, parenting tips, Preschool Activities

Keeping Little Ones Occupied and Learning!

Since the beginning of online preschool, more parents than ever are now turning to homeschooling as a viable option for educating their little ones! Any parent with more than one little one can tell you, though, it’s not always as easy as it looks trying to help homeschool one child when you have a curious toddler at home. Our little ones have the most creative and excitable minds that are constantly looking for stimulation, and if you’re in the middle of trying to teach another little one, you can feel as if your hands are completely full. Don’t worry, there are lots of fun, educational, and stimulating preschool activities you can give your toddler to help them stay occupied, keep them learning, and keep them safe!

  1. Play-Dough or Sensory Tables: Little ones love to learn sensorially, and play-dough can be a great tool for allowing them to learn through that sensory exploration. As they get older, play-dough can be used to practice shaping letters or numbers as well! It’s a preschool activity that will grow with your toddler. 
  2. Snacktime: Never underestimate the hungry tummy of your toddler! Little ones love to snack, and it can give you a quick ten minutes to clean up or just take a breath. Keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy, chewable snacks, such as cut up apples or cucumbers, and your pantry full of crackers and applesauce cups. These will help nourish your little one’s growing body as well as keep them occupied. 
  3. Toy Stations: Making toy boxes for your toddler is a great way to keep their tiny selves busy during homeschool or online preschool lessons. You can fill the boxes with wood blocks, books, or other toddler-friendly play materials and pull them out at times they need something to keep them occupied. You can also switch out the toys you put in the box, which will allow you to rotate playthings you already own rather than constantly purchasing new toys! 
  4. Art Projects: Art is a wonderful stimulant for your toddler’s creative little mind. Oftentimes during preschool your older little ones will have worksheets or self-guided lessons that they can complete on their own, and toddlers often want to be included in their big sibling’s work! Giving them coloring sheets, self-inking stamps, stickers, or any other art-based preschool activity to play with at the table will let them be creative while making them feel like a part of class. 
  5. Sibling Playtime: Sibling bonding is one of the most beautiful parts of having multiple little ones — and it can be a great way for you to get a moment to set up new online preschool lessons, fix lunch, prepare new preschool activities, or even just use the restroom! Have your older child keep an eye on your toddler for just a moment. They can play peekaboo with their little sibling, read them a story, or simply play games together. It will give them a wonderful opportunity to bond with one another and give you a minute to do what you need to do to keep the day moving. 

Trying to teach little ones while you have a toddler at home can certainly keep your hands full! However, keeping your toddler busy and learning is very achievable, and with a little planning and some help from these (or other) preschool activities, all of your little ones will be able to stay learning and occupied. Try Our Online Preschool for FREE! Playgarden Prep offers educational videos from real teachers, and numerous DIY projects that support early learning and development.


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