8 Tips to Help Your Little One Stay Focused and Engaged During Distance Learning

8 Tips to Help Your Little One Stay Focused and Engaged During Distance Learning - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte December 01, 2022 parenting tips

Staying on Track During Online Learning!

The global pandemic forced schools and educators to get creative when it came to keeping little ones learning even from afar, and thanks to their hard work as well as technological advancements, virtual preschool and other learning opportunities were provided for children! However, with those technological advancements came more distractions, adding onto the difficulty of trying to help your little one with their virtual preschool. Think of a time you had a virtual meeting that just ran on… and on… and on… It can be really tough to stay focused at home even as an adult, so it’s really important to provide your little one with lots of gentle reminders to stay on task during their virtual preschool classes! We know it’s easier said than done, though; as such, here are some handy tips you can use to help your little one stay engaged in their synchronous and asynchronous work:

1. Know What’s Expected:

Virtual preschool is an important form of learning from afar for little ones, but it’s important to know what exactly is being asked of your little one, as well as how much time they ought to be spending on a screen. Remember, play is just as important to your little one’s learning experience as work, so your little one’s educators should be helping you to understand how to split up your little one’s time for activities.

2. Figure Out Which Activities Work for Your Little One:

You know your little one better than almost anyone else! As such, it’s probably very easy to notice which environments are the best for your little one to learn in. For instance, do you notice your little one working a little bit better in virtual preschool lessons where the teacher is present or are they more engaged when the two of you do a worksheet together? When you notice these things, it can be much easier to make them excited about preschool at home by using the methods of learning they enjoy!

3. Encourage Movement:

People are meant to move about! It gets tough to be stationary for extended periods of time, so if you notice your little one getting restless after a long virtual preschool lesson, make sure you allow time for them to move their body in a fun way. This can be taking a walk, doing a dance together, or even simply standing up for the duration of the next lesson. The extra movement will work wonders for their concentration.

4. Reduce Distractions:

This is one of the most indispensable tips we can offer. It’s always easiest to get work done when there aren’t temptations for distraction, and the same is true for your little one’s virtual preschool work! Do your best to provide your little one a nice and quiet space free from toys and other distractions while they are learning, and you’ll help them get into the routine that this space=time to learn!

5. Be Flexible with Your Schedule:

If you’ve ever felt frustrated and stuck on a tricky subject you’re trying to learn, or if you’ve felt so excited about a new topic that you just can’t put the pen down, you adjust! The same is true for your little one’s virtual preschool learning experience. If you notice them getting really upset that they’re having trouble with a concept, maybe try a different time of day when they work on that next. For example, if you notice that your little one has greater focus in the afternoon than in the morning, try switching those tough subjects to come later in the day when the greater focus is required!

6. Make a Checklist:

Some little ones may just struggle with focus during preschool at home, and that’s normal. A good way of trying to make sure that tasks get completed is to make a checklist of things that must be done. When tasks are completed, your little one gets to check the box and see the visual of having the task completed (as well as receive some positive reinforcement like praise or a small reward from you!).

7. Take a Break:

It’s ok to need to take a step back! The fastest way to make learning a miserable experience is to push a little too hard on your little one to complete tasks as quickly as possible. You and their educators want virtual preschool to be an enjoyable experience, so it’s key to take breaks when you notice your little one faltering. You can always break tasks up into smaller bites (so to speak), or postpone an activity by a day.

8. Give Positive Feedback:

We all like to feel like our hard work is being noticed, and trust us when we say your little one is no different! When they finish tasks, it’s wonderful to give them lots of praise and encouragement for their hard work. This will go such a long way in encouraging them to keep up the good work and to continue enjoying their time learning in virtual preschool!

Preschool at home can be a challenge, no matter what age your little one is at! However, it can also be a manageable and even fun experience for your little one with the right attitude and tips. Try Our Online Preschool for FREE! Playgarden Prep offers numerous educational videos from real teachers, and DIY projects that support early learning and development through virtual preschool.


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