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Why Online Homeschool?

Homeschooling your little one can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have prior teaching experience. Since 2020, Playgarden has helped hundreds of families learn at home using our award-winning platform as their trusted online homeschool program. Our proven curriculum not only includes all of the core subjects—Language, Math, Science, Reading, Geography—but also provides key enrichment opportunities, including Art, Theater, Movement, Music, Dance, Sensory, and Nutrition. Our curriculum is taught with a strong emphasis on social-emotional skills and well-being for whole child development, by expert teachers trained to engage and inspire young minds.
Bring your favorite teachers home to provide your little one with an enriching education that will last a lifetime. With Playgarden Online, your child can learn anytime, anywhere!

Playgarden Online was created for every family:

Work-From-Home Parents
Work-From-Home Parents
Large Families
Large Families
Dual Language Households
Dual Language Households
Learning Pods
Learning Pods
Faith-Based Homes
Faith-Based Homes
Traveling Families
Traveling Families
Learners Who Need Flexibility
Learners Who Need Flexibility
Special Needs
Special Needs
Parents around the world use Playgarden to create a custom homeschool preschool experience that provides an individual learning path to suit their child’s needs. Playgarden’s Online Preschool is highly customizable, which means that families can choose to fully enroll their child in our online homeschool curriculum, or pick and choose only the activities and lessons their little ones need to thrive.

Create your personal online homeschool schedule with individualized lesson plans and videos offered on-demand with your child’s favorite teachers!

Educational Philosophies
Promoted & Utilized By Our Teachers


The Montessori method relies on children's natural interests and instincts rather than formal teaching methods. Montessori classrooms place an emphasis on hands-on learning and developing real-world skills.


Cognitive-based schools teach little ones to learn through active exploration in an environment rich in materials and opportunities to converse, socialize, work, play, and problem-solve.


Play-based learning is based on child-led and open-ended play, helping children develop holistically through social-emotional learning, developing confidence and motivation, and practicing cognitive skills.

Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia approach is a student-centered curriculum that uses experiential learning in relationship-driven environments; it’s based on the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration, discovery, and play.

High Scope

High Scope identifies and builds on children's strengths, interests, and abilities, with five basic principles: active learning, positive adult-child interactions, a child-friendly learning environment, a consistent daily routine, and team-based assessment.


Waldorf style education is holistic, intended to develop pupils' intellectual, artistic, and practical skills, with focus on imagination and creativity.

FAQs About Online Homeschool

How does Homeschool Preschool with Playgarden work?

Your Daily Lesson videos are available to you as soon as you’ve signed up for our Online Preschool plan. You will see different videos every day based on your little one’s progress in the program, with corresponding worksheets and activities. You can also join our Live Classes directly through our platform—Just be sure to download Zoom! You can schedule Live Classes onto your calendar, and enable email reminders via your accounts page.

What time will my little one need to attend Online Homeschool?

Anytime! Daily Lessons are pre-recorded to meet your family’s busy schedule. You can complete a full lesson each day, or pace the learning based on your child’s needs. Live Zoom classes are available at varying times throughout the day, to accommodate different time zones and family preferences. Live Classes are supplemental to the Daily Lessons, so you don’t need to worry about attending each and every class; design your own schedule with our flexible learning options!

How do I enroll my child in Homeschool Preschool?

Signing up is quick and easy! Simply enroll in our Online Preschool plan by clicking
*The first 15 days are free

Why choose Playgarden for your Online Homeschool needs?

Other Online Homeschool programs are less engaging, inflexible, and costly. We believe in meeting children where they are developmentally; some little ones may be eager and ready to dive into a full day of lessons, worksheets, live classes, and other preschool activities, while others might prefer to take things at a slower pace.
Most Online Homeschool programs rely on one mode of learning; live classes, or pre-recorded videos. At Playgarden Online, we believe that both are essential to a well-rounded homeschool preschool education. It isn’t realistic to expect that a young child will be equipped to sit in front of a screen all day long, nor is it a sustainable practice. Our program allows for complete flexibility, so that your educational routine can effectively meet your child’s needs.
Most Online Homeschool programs rely on one mode of learning; live classes, or pre-recorded videos. At Playgarden Online, we believe that both are essential to a well-rounded homeschool preschool education. It isn’t realistic to expect that a young child will be equipped to sit in front of a screen all day long, nor is it a sustainable practice. Our program allows for complete flexibility, so that your educational routine can effectively meet your child’s needs. We are experts in all things early childhood education, with a focus on creating the best first-time school experience for young children. By creating an award-winning curriculum that has helped three and four year olds for over a decade, our goal is to help parents with this incredibly important step in their child’s upbringing. We pride ourselves on providing the best homeschool preschool experience possible at home to prepare your child for pre-K and kindergarten! Parents enrolled in our Online Preschool plan will have access to our experienced, expert teachers, who provide feedback on childrens’ progress based on worksheet uploads and Live Class participation. You will also be a part of our online homeschool parenting community, made up of hundreds of families with preschoolers!

Is my child the right age for Homeschool Preschool? Can I use your program as a Homeschool Pre-K instead?

Our program is best suited for little ones ages 3 to 5 years. While we know that may seem like a broad range, the educational needs and developmental pace is different for every child. Our in-person students in New York City learn from this curriculum in our 2s, 3s ,and 4s classes; at such a young age, repetition is key to instilling an education that lasts! Many families use Playgarden Online as their homeschool preschool, while others use the program as a homeschool pre-k; our curriculum is a bit more advanced than your typical nursery school, so you will find that it is suitable for your child’s pre-k needs! We invite you to try it out for free to see if our program is right for your family.

How does the pricing compare to other Online Homeschool programs?

We strongly believe that all children should have access to a high quality education. Our competitors charge $35 and up for each live class, adding up to a costly $700+ each month—and that’s if you’re only counting on one class per day. Playgarden Online provides unlimited live Zoom classes, PLUS access to thousands of lessons and activities to entertain and educate your child, all for under $100 per month. At Playgarden, you can take up to 19 Zoom classes each week, for only $25 per week. That means you’re only paying $1.32 for each online preschool Zoom class; early education is at your fingertips, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!

You’ll get the same curriculum + the same teachers that provide early education at our private preschools in Manhattan—At a fraction of the tuition cost.

Meet the teachers

Meet Teacher Meet Teacher Meet Teacher Meet Teacher Meet Teacher Meet Teacher Meet Teacher
Playgarden Online was created by the same teachers from our in-person locations in New York City. Our knowledgeable, experienced educators love teaching little ones by making learning fun!

Meet Miss Beth

Playgarden Prep’s Education Director & Head of Schools

Miss Beth is an early childhood educator with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education who is dedicated to creating meaningful educational experiences for her online preschool and in-person pre-k students. Once described by a parent as a modern-day Mr. Rogers, she is a fan favorite of our online learners! You and your child will quickly come to love Miss Beth.

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How to Start Homeschooling with Homeschool Preschool & Homeschool Pre-K

If you’re new to homeschooling, have no fear—we’re here to help you learn how to get started and support you on your child’s educational journey! Here’s the good news: if your child is the right age for Playgarden Online (younger than kindergarten), you’re already ahead of the curve. Most states don’t require formal documentation for homeschooling before kindergarten, so you can begin your homeschool preschool experience with Playgarden while researching your K-12 options along the way.

Here are our recommendations for getting started with online homeschool, which you can choose to explore before or after you enroll in Playgarden for homeschool preschool:

Ready to start your Online Homeschool experience?

Playgarden’s Online Homeschool Curriculum

Preschool and Pre-K will set the bar for the remainder of your child’s educational path, which is why picking a homeschool preschool curriculum that suits your little one’s needs is incredibly important! Preschool curriculum with a focus on whole-child developmentcan lay the foundation for a lifetime love of learning, and experts say that a strong early childhood education is crucial for grade school success.

Playgarden Online’s homeschool preschool and homeschool Pre-K curriculum is the perfect starting point for your homeschool journey! Whether you are seeking an option to prepare your child for in-person schooling, need a strong start before diving into an online K-12 program, or you know that you want to homeschool your child but are simply unsure where to begin, Playgarden’s lessons and academic activities will empower your child to reach their developmental goals well before kindergarten. Homeschooling can be a daunting task, and our teachers are here to guide you through the early years so that you can build confidence as your child’s at-home teacher!

What should my little one be learning during Homeschool Preschool and Homeschool Pre-K?

Preschool and Pre-K are essential for developing pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, as well as for cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. Most quality in-person preschool and homeschool preschool programs introduce the following skills:

What Does a High-Quality Homeschool Preschool/Pre-K Program Look Like?

The best preschool programs help little ones to build positive relationships with their teachers and classmates, leading to social and emotional confidence. This can be made especially difficult with a homeschool preschool program; most homeschool preschools are “game-ified,” meaning that they rely on a series of games and activities that don’t necessarily feature real teachers in order to teach their curriculum. However, some online homeschool programs, like Playgarden Online , offer lessons taught by real teachers, with classes attended by real students. At such a young age, it is especially important for your child to begin building those social bonds! In a high quality homeschool preschool or homeschool Pre-K program, the teachers:

A high quality online homeschool program will:
At Playgarden Online, we teach the following subjects:

Can I see Playgarden Online’s homeschool preschool / homeschool pre-k curriculum before trying it?

Yes! At Playgarden, our curriculum follows the letters of the alphabet, A-Z, with each week being structured around a new letter. For an example, you may see our Letter A curriculum below:

Letter A

Each day of lessons includes physical and digital worksheets to review the concepts your child will learn with each teacher! For assistance doing their worksheets, we provide a teacher-led worksheet review video each day, as well as a weekly worksheet review class via Zoom.
In addition to these pre-recorded daily lessons, we offer multiple live classes Monday through Friday to promote socialization and to reinforce the things your child will learn in their daily lessons.

We offer UNLIMITED Daily Live Classes via Zoom in the following subjects:

Story Sharing
Guitar Songs
Worksheet Review

Want to see our Online Homeschool curriculum in-action?

Sign up for your 15 day free trial today, and you'll be covered by our iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not impressed by our hundreds of hours of online lessons, activities, and extensive homeschool preschool and pre-K curriculum, you can write to us any time after your free trial has ended and we'll refund every penny.

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Letter A Day 1

Lesson One: Welcome to Letter A!

In this language-focused lesson, children will get a sneak peak at what’s to come during this week’s lessons. Miss Beth will walk your child through the vocabulary words that they will be learning through this week’s lessons, as well as introduce the letter A.

Lesson Two: Writing Uppercase & Lowercase A

Learn how to write the upper and lowercase letter A, with opportunities for your little one to follow along using their Playgarden Prep worksheets.

Lesson Three: Building Letter A

Watch Miss Ally build upper and lowercase letter A using a letter construction kit from Learning Resources. If you have your own kit, your child can build their letters alongside Miss Ally!

Lesson Four: Move and Groove with Letter A!

Join Coach Jake in this fun Movement lesson focused on the letter A! Coach Jake will teach educational songs, play games, do stretches, share puppets, and other fun activities to engage your little one, and get them moving and grooving!

Activity One: ‘We’re On Our Way’ Puppet Show

Introduce your child to theater arts with a Playgarden puppet show! In this fun activity video, learn about different animals from Asia, Africa, and Antarctica through this catchy Playgarden song by Miss Sarah.

Activity Two: All Are Welcome Storytime

Read this New York Times bestseller along with Miss Amanda! The kids from All Are Welcome are heading back to school and eager to see old friends, make new friends, and learn to be readers, writers, listeners, and leaders. Three things they keep in mind: Always try. Have fun. Be kind.

Letter A Day 2

Lesson One: Words with Letter A

Learn lots of new Letter A vocabulary words with Miss Beth in this Language lesson! At the start of each day, little ones will review daily songs, including: Playgarden’s Hello Song in English and in Spanish, the 7 Days of the Week Song, and Let’s Learn the Letter of the Week, as well as the Alphabet and the Phonetic Alphabet.

Lesson Two: Arithmetic & the Abacus

Introduce your little one to counting and early math skills by counting 1-10, and by learning to count using an abacus! Your child will also learn about addition by counting ants with MIss Shyla.

Lesson Three: Apples & Avocados

Join Chef Danielle during this Nutrition lesson, where she’ll teach you how to make guacamole and apple chips. Each week Chef Danielle will teach your child about the importance of trying new foods through easy, healthy snack recipes.

Activity One: Fractions with Apples

This introduction to fractions by Miss Beth makes math easy by teaching about fractions with apples!

Activity Two: ‘The Ants Go Marching’

In this Music lesson with Mr. Ben, your child can sing the Ants Go Marching along with drums to reinforce what they learned today through music.

Letter A Day 3

Lesson One: Letter A Alliteration Practice

For Day Three’s Literacy lesson, Miss Beth will teach your child to create alliterative sentences beginning with the Letter A.

Lesson Two: Animals on the Atlas

Miss Ally teaches your child about the 7 continents, and the animals that come from each, using puzzles, an atlas, and more!

Lesson Three: Music Theory with the Letter A

Join Miss Raulbel in learning all about Music through the Letter A! In this week’s Music Theory lesson, Miss Raulbel will teach your child about using their voice, songs that start with A, and the Accordian.

Activity One: All About Alligators

This in-depth Animal of the Week lesson with Miss Julia will teach your little one all about alligators through puppetry and song!

Activity Two: Anywhere Artist Storytime

"I don't need paint or paper. I can make art anywhere. My imagination is all I need." This book read by Miss Amanda inspires kids to create their own “anywhere art!”

Letter A Day 4

Lesson One: Learn the Vowels

For Day Four’s Literacy lesson, Miss Beth teaches all about the vowels through song.

Lesson Two: All About Absorption

This Science lesson with Miss Ally teaches your little one about the concept of Absorption through some very fun experiments!

Lesson Three: How Animals Travel

Join Miss Shyla in learning about which animals travel through air, land, and water. This Sensory lesson will reinforce what your child learned about different animals earlier in the week, while having some fun at the sensory table!

Activity One: Let’s Be Astronauts

Get moving and grooving with Miss Emily with these fun astronaut songs and dances!

Activity Two: Counting Letter A

Reinforce Day Two’s arithmetic lesson by counting these objects along with Miss Shyla.

Letter A Day 5

Lesson One: Letter A Music Review

Review everything you’ve learned this week through music with Miss Beth!

Lesson Two: Letter A Book Nook Readings

Join Mr. Skylar in the Book Nook to read these three Letter A books: Applesauce Day, How to Make an Apple Pie and Save the World, and The Lady With the Alligator Purse.

Activity One: Apple, Ant, & Astronaut in Spanish

Learn these Letter A vocabulary words from earlier in the week in Spanish with Miss Canitra!

Activity Two: Types of Animals Puppet Show

Review the different land, water, and air animals in this fun puppet show, with music by Miss Sarah.

Activity Three: Animals & Continents

For one last Letter A review, you’ll revisit the animals and their continents in this visually engaging lesson using animal stackers and a world map.

Creative Arts Expression

Playgarden’s Evidence-Based Creative Arts Expression Curriculum includes:

  • Dot

    Observe and Learn to Comprehend: Identify art in daily surroundings

  • Dot

    Invent and Discover to Create: Use different skills to generate works of art for functional, expressive, conceptual, and social/cultural purposes

We offer many different types of art activities! Your child can practice painting, drawing, coloring, tracing, and more through our hundreds of Art and DIY projects. By reinforcing what your little one will learn in all of their other online homeschool classes, our art projects are a fun and engaging way to continue learning.


Playgarden’s Evidence-Based Movement Curriculum includes:

  • Dot

    Movement & Dance: The use of the body to move to music and express oneself

  • Dot

    Create, Compose, and Choreograph: Using the dance elements of space, time, and energy to explore, improvise, and develop movement phrases, sequences and dances.

Movement and Music are heavily tied together, and with good reason—Both allow children to use their imaginations, creativity, and express ideas. By developing a sense of body awareness, little ones can grow skills beyond Pre-K to move with intent to music or other stimuli.


Playgarden’s Evidence-Based Music Curriculum includes:

  • Dot

    Expression of Music: The use of voice and instruments to create sounds.

  • Dot

    Creation of Music: Compose, improvise, and arrange sounds and musical ideas to communicate purposeful intent.

  • Dot

    Theory of Music: Describing musical elements and identifying simple rhythmic patterns.

  • Dot

    Aesthetic Valuation of Music: Evaluate and respond to music using criteria to make informed musical decisions.

Music is a fantastic learning tool for young children, and is heavily incorporated into every Playgarden Prep lesson. By exposing children to music during early development, they can more easily learn the sounds and meanings of words. Our music curriculum will also expose your little one to other early music skills that can help them to become more musically advanced during their K-12 schooling.

Geography & Social Studies

Playgarden’s Evidence-Based Geography & Social Studies Curriculum includes:

  • Dot

    Events: The understanding that events happened in the past and how these events relate to one’s self, family, and community.

  • Dot

    Linearity: The ability to differentiate between past, present, and future.

  • Dot

    Personal Relationships: Recognition of family or personal events that happened in the past.

  • Dot

    Environment: The ability to identify aspects of the environment, such as roads, buildings, trees, gardens, bodies of water, and land formations.

  • Dot

    Maps: The ability to read a map, and identify different areas of the United States and the world.

Our teachers help children to learn about physical and cultural geography through lessons about people, places, events, and society, and how these things relate to their lives. By learning about themselves, their family, and their community, children develop self-identity and expand their understanding of places and people outside their direct experience.

Science & Sensory

Playgarden’s Evidence-Based Science Curriculum includes:

  • Dot

    Scientific Inquiry: The skills to observe and collect information and use it to ask questions, predict, explain, and draw conclusions.

  • Dot

    Reasoning & Problem-Solving: Gathering information to make predictions, conduct investigations and experiments, draw conclusions, and analyze and communicate results.

  • Dot

    Life Science: Make sense of natural phenomena and solve problems that require understanding how individual organisms are configured and how these structures function to support life, growth, behavior and reproduction.

At Playgarden, your child will be introduced to the topics of health, the seasons, climate, weather, animals and plants, environments and ecosystems, the solar system, matter and its properties, and more! Preschool students can begin to understand the scientific method, how to develop hypotheses, how to test them, and how to record and compare data. Our proven science curriculum promotes curiosity for little learners, and helps young children to better understand the world around them through exploration.

Early Math

Playgarden’s Evidence-Based Math Curriculum includes:

  • Dot

    Number Concepts & Quantities: The understanding that numbers represent quantities and have ordinal properties (number words represent a rank order, particular size, or position in a list).

  • Dot

    Number Relationships & Operations: The use of numbers to describe relationships and solve problems.

  • Dot

    Geometry & Spatial Sense: The understanding of shapes, their properties, and how objects are related to one another.

  • Dot

    Patterns: The recognition of patterns, sequencing, and critical thinking skills necessary to predict and classify objects in a pattern.

  • Dot

    Measurement & Comparison: The understanding of attributes and relative properties of objects as related to size, capacity, and area.

Math can be one of the trickiest subjects for older children to master, and is especially difficult if not given a proper introduction! At Playgarden, we place emphasis on children’s abilities to understand numbers, quantity, and the relationships between them, as well as the basic understanding of shapes, patterns, and measurement.

Language & Literacy

Playgarden’s Evidence-Based Language Curriculum includes:

  • Dot

    Receptive Language: The ability to comprehend or understand language

  • Dot

    Expressive Language: The ability to use language

  • Dot

    Phonological Awareness: An awareness that language can be broken into words, syllables, and smaller pieces of sound

  • Dot

    Alphabet Knowledge: The names and sounds associated with each letter

  • Dot

    Print Concepts & Conventions: The concepts about print and identifying letter-sound relationships

  • Dot

    Early Writing: Writing implements, conventions, and emerging skills to communicate through written representations, symbols, and letters

  • Dot

    Book Appreciation: The interest in books and their characteristics, and the ability to understand and get meaning from stories and information from books and other texts

Playgarden Prep students graduate with improved verbal skills, an expansive vocabulary, and an early foundation for reading proficiency. We believe that it is important that young children learn how to effectively communicate and understand oral language in different environments, which is key to their social competence and learning later on. We also strive to provide the basis for children’s emerging ability to read and write, and help them to develop a positive attitude towards reading that will affect their approach to learning as they grow older.