Benefits of Stay-At-Home Parenting and Early Education 

Benefits of Stay-At-Home Parenting and Early Education  - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Julia March 24, 2023 homeschooling, online preschool, parenting tips

During 2020, many parents got to experience being a stay-at-home parent for the first time. Whether they were one of the many who became unemployed, or they were still working remotely, everyone was “stay-at-home” with their family. When offices and businesses began to open back up, some were excited to be going back to the workplace, while others had found a job that felt more rewarding: being a stay-at-home parent.

Parent and Teacher

Two keys to the healthy development of children are meaningful relationships with the adults in their lives, as well as a safe environment where they are encouraged to play. Your child’s home is the foundation for both, so why not let home be their classroom as well? Opting for homeschool preschool and stay-at-home parenting does mean wearing many hats at once, but without the pressure of deadlines or meetings for a whole other job. Being able to focus solely on the well-being and education of your kids not only means setting them up for success, but creating core memories that you and your little ones will share for a lifetime.

Online Homeschool

Carrying the responsibilities of parent and teacher can be a bit overwhelming. Lucky for the stay-at-home parent and homeschool families, you have so much help right at your fingertips! Online education is becoming more accessible and advantageous than ever before, specifically for early childhood education. Since the beginning of the pandemic, with jobs being moved to the home and classrooms being moved to Zoom, we have watched many families opt for homeschool preschool for their young children who have already spent most of their lives at home. With a curriculum designed to prepare toddlers and preschoolers for future education—whether that continues at home, online, or in the classroom—you will not be alone in teaching your little one. Some online homeschool programs offer Zoom classes to socialize with other kids all around the world, as well as at-home art projects, lessons with teachers, preschool worksheets, printable puzzles, and more. Do your research to find a homeschool program that provides options that work best for your family. 


If your family is fortunate enough to be able to live off of the income from just one parent, staying home can also be cost-effective. If both parents are working full-time, child-care costs will, most likely, eat up at least one parent’s income. Homeschool preschool can not only eliminate childcare costs, but save you and your family money on everyday transportation costs, as well as potential work-wardrobe, among other things. If leaving work completely is not in the cards for your family, consider a part-time or work-from-home position

Never Miss a Milestone

Additionally, consider that your little ones will only be little ones for a short time! There are certain milestones that you run the risk of missing if you put work before family. By opting for online homeschool and staying at home yourself, you are there for every moment as your child starts to become their own person. Before you know it, they will be all grown up! You can always go back to work to pursue career aspirations and other passions. Stay in contact with professionals or colleagues that could help you get back in the workplace when and if you feel ready to do so. 

Being a Stay-At-Home Parent is a Job

Raising children and working a job can be super stressful; lightening the load by not worrying about a 9 to 5 can ease so much of that stress. In addition, you can look at it as leaving one job to take on the job that is the keeping and care of your family. Stay-at-home parents can manage homeschool preschool, family appointments, events, and things that could get lost or overlooked if you have a job that also has deadlines to worry about. No more forgetting about a dentist appointment or parent-teacher conference; the stay-at-home parent has got it covered. Of course, this does not mean it is all up to that parent to be responsible for everything while the other members of the family do nothing! It means that one parent has a clear overview of the family schedule, and is able to help keep everyone accountable.

Stay-at-home parenting is not for every family, and that is okay! It truly does take a village to raise a child, and time prioritized to take care of your children looks different in every family. Maybe you have breakfast with your little ones before the work day, maybe you help them get ready for bed and have storytime in the evening, or maybe you’re right there with them through their online homeschool day. Whatever that time may look like in your schedule, your little one will be grateful for and remember that special time spent with you.


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