How Great Online Preschools Promote Learning

How Great Online Preschools Promote Learning - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte December 27, 2021 preschool online, preschool online learning

There’s been a boom in online schooling in recent years, especially in preschools. It’s an exciting time for parents who are spending more time at home with their children or teaching their little ones at home and want to broaden the materials their children are exposed to.  Preschool online enrollment is booming!

However, because online virtual preschool is such a relatively new field, schools are constantly finding new techniques. You want to find a virtual preschool for your child that understands how to make best use of new technology

These are some of the tricks and techniques that distinguish great online preschools from the rest.

Four Signs An Online Preschool Is Committed to your Child’s Learning

1 – They ask parents to submit pictures or videos of their children outside school time

This request has an explicit purpose: learning more about your children and their interests.  A great virtual preschool will tailor its courses to the children.  If they discover multiple children in a class have shared interests, they’ll be able to incorporate them into lessons.

At in-person schools, teachers can usually pick these things up through direct observation.  Virtual schools need to do this research both in and out of class, and will do so in order to serve your child as best they can.

2 – They have activities that continue after the lesson is over

Too much screen time is bad for younger children, so a good virtual preschool will find ways to differentiate their content. A good preschool will supplement video sessions with activities conducted after the lesson is over.  This ensures that learning can continue without forcing children to be glued to a screen for hours.

3 – They are in constant communication with parents

Community-building includes teachers developing relationships with not only students, but parents as well. This is crucial for every school, whether in-person or online. A good virtual preschool will go the extra mile to maintain communication with parents. This can include efforts such as scheduling video meetups or teleconferences to discuss the school and its lessons, or sending emails to acknowledge good behavior or growth in the class.

4 – They utilize plenty of music

Music is a great way of helping early learners, and it’s just as effective in virtual preschool settings.  It’s Music is an effective tool for teaching early learning, whether they are in-person or in a virtual preschool setting.  It’s also a great choice for distance learning because it gives children a way to directly participate.  Singing, dancing, or playing instruments can be just as much fun when done remotely, making this a crucial aspect of virtual preschool.

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