How to Promote Positivity At Home

How to Promote Positivity At Home - Playgarden Online
June 01, 2022

How can environment affect emotions?

Happiness is something we all seek to achieve in our day to day life. Just like all of our other emotions, happiness can come and go depending on your environment. For example, if you are in an environment where people are constantly fighting and you feel ignored, you will most likely become anxious and/or sad. Children, while young, are incredibly sensitive to negativity, and can pick up on and internalize things like anger and sadness within parents as early as six months old.

This isn’t to say that you need to constantly be happy. That is unrealistic, and also unhealthy. However, there is a way to promote a positive environment within your home that will benefit both yourself and your children, and allow them to feel happier in the long run!

How to promote positivity

Wanting to promote positivity is well and good, but how does one actively go about it?

In order to take care of others, you also need to remember to take care of yourself! As stated before, kids are able to pick up on their parents emotions early on in their lives. Carving out time in your day to practice self care can lead to less stress for yourself. Also, if the resources are available, finding a mental health professional to talk to can allow for you to have a secondhand source to voice worries and frustrations, and in return, receive advice on how to work through them.

Children who are more social have been proven to be happier. Socialization leads to a better understanding of how to build relationships, and also teaches children how to have empathy for others.

When it comes to things like schoolwork and chores, celebrating success is more important than focusing on what was done “wrong”. By highlighting effort, children will not feel pressured to be perfect, leading to a more positive outlook regarding their own abilities and their capability to try new tasks. 

Happiness is obviously not the only emotion we can feel. Promoting positivity also includes accepting negative emotions as a part of life, and supplying resources to handle them. By letting your children know that they are allowed to express their emotions and ask for support, you will show them that you are there for them, which can lead to a happy, healthy dynamic between you and them. 

There is no one way to be happy. However, there are many tools and resources you can use for both yourself and your children to promote positivity, which helps everyone lead healthy and successful lives!

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