Playgarden Approved Toys for This Holiday Season

Playgarden Approved Toys for This Holiday Season - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Amanda December 08, 2022 Holidays, Toys & Play, Winter Holidays

Every parent wants to find the best toys to nurture their child’s growth. Choosing the right toys early helps promote cognitive development, emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, and language acquisition. Our teachers have decades of experience educating little ones with toys proven to promote whole-child development. From language to sensory, and cognitive to S.T.E.M., here are our lists of the BEST kids toys to give to your child to help them thrive. Student tested, teacher approved!


One of the most effective ways to grow cognitive development is through play! Choosing toys and holiday activities for kids that introduce problem solving and critical thinking helps little brains build neurons in the foundational years, which leads to a love of learning for life — exactly what we want from the best kids toys!

Blue Gingko Number Sorting Tray

PicassoTiles 63 Piece Set

Hape Mighty Hammer Domino Set

Guidecraft Count and Lace Fruit

Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Clock


By introducing geography early, through holiday activities for kids or best kids toys, it allows children to grow up with a larger world view from the start. These engaging toys teach about the continents, oceans, and animals that make up our beautiful world!

Hugg a Planet

I Play I Learn World Map Puzzle

Learning Resources Globe

Blue Gingko Solar System Puzzle

Flags of the World


Encouraging language with hands-on toys is an easy way to connect with your little one and build communication skills. Introducing the alphabet, phonetic sounds, and first words in the early years is important for future literacy and these best kids toys will have your child spending hours working on language skills through play during holiday activities for kids and beyond!

Coogan Magnetic Fish Game

Blue Gingko Alphabet Tracing Board

The Alphabet Zoo

Haba ABC Exploration Game Box

Melissa and Doug See & Spell Puzzle

Zingo Board Game


S.T.E.M. toys focus on science, technology, engineering, and math and make these subjects more accessible through play with these best kids toys! S.T.E.M toys enhance divergent thinking, foster creativity, and curiosity and engage little minds to think in a variety of ways. 

Learning Resources STEM Explorers

PicassoTiles Brissle 3D Blocks

Coogam Building Set

Learning Resources Lab Set

Hape Science Experiment Tool Box


Pretend play helps little ones learn about themselves and the world around them. By immersing themselves in dramatic play, children are able to build their imaginations, improve communication skills, and support emotional development, which can only help holiday activities for kids. Open-ended play also allows kids to make choices and develop empathy by putting themselves in the position of others. Plus, it brings joy because it’s so much fun to pretend!

Lakeshore Pet Vet Center

Kids Explorer Set

Happy Helpers Finger Puppet Set

Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Set


Hands-on SEL toys help little ones to identify, embrace and manage their feelings. Children benefit from early social emotional learning which helps to build empathy and resilience. These best kids toys support emotional literacy and can be used as tools for developing healthy relationships during holiday activities for kids and throughout the year.

Lakeshore Stack and Build Emotion Kids

hand2mind Express your Feelings Rainbow

Lakeshore Playdough Mats

Manhattan Toys Making Faces

Melissa and Doug Bear Family Puzzle


Daily physical play is important for children to grow up to be healthy and strong! These best kids toys provide a variety of opportunities to develop strength, balance, and coordination while having fun!

edxeducation Obstacle Course

Hopscotch Mat

Pop2Play Cardboard Slide

Hide n Side Play Tunnels

Animal Bean Bag Toss

The Nugget Play Couch


Sensory play encourages learning through self-directed exploration, hands-on experiences, and problem solving. These sensory toys support overall growth by promoting cognitive, fine motor, and language skills, and allow little ones to immerse themselves in stimulation that is essential for early learning (and can be done with holiday activities for kids or any time.) 

Blue Gingko Sensory Set

Tractor Construction and Sand Sensory Bin

Guidecraft Tactile Matching

Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

With so many educational toy options, it can be hard to find options that lead to real learning. These teacher favorites for the best kids toys are sure to support your little one as they grow and learn through the power of play this holiday season, through holiday activities for kids, and beyond!


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