Giving Your Toddler The Language Support They Need!

Giving Your Toddler The Language Support They Need! - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte August 03, 2022

Getting to Know the World Around You

The effects of the pandemic have taken a toll on all of us, and life as a toddler is certainly different than it used to be! Playgarden Online preschool works hard to foster a supportive environment for your toddler to socialize and learn, but you as a parent are also key in helping your child adapt to the world around them. Here are a few simple and effective ways to provide additional language and social support for your child as they get used to the big world around them!

1 – Find unique ways of connecting with friends and family!

Show your child your family tree through pictures and photo albums, or help them construct one of their own! Talk about the folks in the pictures, and encourage them to connect with them through postcards, snail mail or art. By having your child identify the important individuals in your life, it will make social interactions in person much easier.

2 – Show and tell!

Exploring the environments around them with you is a great way for toddlers to learn new vocabulary! If possible, take your child on walks or expeditions with the sole purpose of discovery; point to objects, describe them and maybe even collect them as well! It’s a huge help for building language skills and can be a fun way for your little one to develop new interests, too.

3 -Keep a consistent routine!

Routines are a crucial part of helping kids feel like a part of a stable environment, and also encourage socialization. It helps them predict the events of the day, as well as get used to language that you use every day! You can absolutely find freedom in the form by trying new types of activities, so long as the general order of the day moves the same.

4 – Make meals structured!

Because of how sensory and social mealtimes are, it’s important to try and make sure you set a routine around meals! Even though you are aware of the feelings of hunger and fullness as well as the tastes, smells and sights of food, your little one is still learning, and the more you’re able to provide a set environment for them in which they can understand these new ideas, the better. Don’t hesitate to get them safely involved with the cooking as well!

5 – Do what you love!

While it’s important to introduce a wide variety of activities for your child to try out, there’s no question that it’s most fun to learn from someone who loves what they do!  A great way to bond with your child and to teach them your favorite things to do is to find at least one activity that you really enjoy doing together! Whether it’s baking, singing songs, playing games or exploring nature, your child will be excited to learn from and with you!

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