Which Parental Style Are You?

Which Parental Style Are You? - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte August 01, 2022

When it comes to creating a positive environment for your little one to grow up in, there are many important elements to consider! A warm and friendly learning environment, like Playgarden Prep’s preschool programs, are key. However, you are also a very principal part of your toddler’s development. There are a variety of parenting styles that many folks employ; in this blog, we go over three of the most well-recognized: the permissive style, the authoritarian style and the authoritative style.

The permissive parenting style is defined by….well, a lack of definition! The permissive parent operates using extremely loose rules and boundaries. The parent tends to be warm and very affectionate with their children. However, the extent of the freedom and absence of well-established boundaries can make it tricky for kids to learn what is appropriate behavior from inappropriate behavior. Their standards are a bit too easy-going.

On the complete opposite side of the styles is the authoritarian parenting style. The authoritarian parent is all about discipline. High standards for their little one’s behavior and rigid rules are always in place with them. This parent can be very demanding, and a bit dictatorial over their child. Children often struggle to be heard, as they are frequently shut down or ordered to obey, instead of getting the opportunity to explore and understand their own side of the story.

In the middle of these two styles lies the authoritative parenting style. Though the authoritative and authoritarian parents do share the trait of having high standards for behavior, it is important not to confuse the two. The authoritative style places importance on the family as a democracy. Children are offered the opportunity to share their opinions or viewpoints in a give/take environment. Discipline is never offered without reason. The authoritative parent is well-attuned to their child’s needs and wants, while being warm and nurturing, too!

If the authoritative style sounds like something you’d like to try, here are a couple ideas to try with your child:

  • Set clear boundaries and be certain to enforce them! Be sure to be selective when you create your rules–try and apply boundaries that will keep you and your family safe, healthy and harmonious while allowing your little one a sense of autonomy as they grow and explore!
  • If you have to punish your child, always inform them why, and ensure that the punishment is appropriate for the broken rule. Punishments that remove something desired (a toy, a privilege) may be more helpful in the long-term than adding something negative (yelling, hitting)
  • Always encourage respect for rules and boundaries rather than forcing obedience! Learning cooperation and how their behavior impacts the world around them is indispensable!
  • Finally, feel free to express warmth with your little one-fun is important, too!

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