The Next Steps for Successful Online Preschool Learning

The Next Steps for Successful Online Preschool Learning - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte August 10, 2022

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first steps towards making sure your little one has the best online preschool experience they can. Now it’s time to consider what additional plans of action you can make in order to ensure your little one’s success in preschool online. There are a few more things you can do that will help your child become well stimulated and adjusted to the online preschool environment; for our purposes, we’ll look at them under two categories of learning: in class and outside of class!

Tips for Your Child’s Success In Class

Something we can’t stress enough when trying to help your little one succeed in their online preschool environment is to consider the needs of your child specifically! Online preschool as an option has offered many parents a great deal of freedom in terms of how learning happens, but the best advice we can give is also some of the simplest! You have a unique knowledge of your little one, and are really well-equipped to make their learning environment the best for them. Some areas of consideration for you may look like these:

  1. If your child struggles with focusing on their work: Breaks are going to be your best friend! You can set frequent, short break times for your little one–you can even use a break as a positive reward for working hard on something challenging. Using timers and communicating clear limits to the breaks will also be helpful!
  2. If your child has sensory problems: This is a totally normal scenario; nobody likes to be seated at a single spot for too long! You can ameliorate this effect by providing your little one the option to sit in different spots, such as the floor, pillows or maybe even a yoga ball while attending preschool online.
  3. If your child has more demanding support needs: Structure will be extremely helpful for you and your little one if this is the case! Having a regular schedule, providing frequent reminders for expectations and lots of positive reinforcement upon task completion will all aid in your child’s success.
  4. If your child has an IEP (Individualized Education Program): Teamwork with your child’s education will be invaluable to success. Be certain to communicate constantly regarding course of action, and making sure to monitor how well plans are being received by your little one is key!

Continuing the Learning

If your online preschool experience is going well, you may be interested in looking into more opportunities for your little one to learn! The good news is that there are so many fun and educational opportunities all around that may suit your little one’s needs and interests. Some examples are:

  1. If your little one is a hands-on learner, they might love activities like painting, puzzles, or drawing! All three of these activities have the potential to compliment lessons being learned in online preschool, and are great fun to work on together.
  2. If your little one loves to work hard and play hard, independent play can be a wonderful break for them! It can also serve as a good reward and break after hard work during their studies.
  3. If your little one loves to communicate with people, have them practice their handwriting and spelling by writing letters to their loved ones! It’s always fun to receive mail, and is a great application of the skills they’re learning.
  4. If your little one is an auditory learner, check your local library for read-aloud events! Not only is it a great way for your child to be social, but they can work on their listening skills as well as hopefully finding some new favorite stories!

Some Final Tips

Online preschool can really be a marvelous alternative to in-person learning, one that your little one is well-equipped to succeed at! However, it’s really important to remember that not all learning comes from books. By devoting your time to helping your little one optimize their preschool experience, you’re helping the affective bonds between you grow stronger, as well as making them socially aware and emotionally intelligent–skills that will be around for their entire life!

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