Benefits of Enrichment Classes

Benefits of Enrichment Classes - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Julia July 31, 2023 enrichment, Social Emotional Development

I have been teaching enrichment classes at Playgarden Prep for almost 6 years now, and they are still one of the favorite parts of my job! Little ones get to learn and play through music and activities geared toward the specific class. For example, in our movement classes, we exercise gross motor skills through learning sports, exploring obstacle courses, and dancing in bubble parties! In Early Learning, little ones get an introduction to literacy, writing, and math through music, as well as explore a Montessori-based learning environment. While these morning classes are for little ones 12-36 months and are adult-accompanied, we also have afternoon drop-off classes for little ones in the 2-5 age range. Find out more about all of our early childhood education classes, in-person and online here.

In teaching these early childhood education enrichment classes, I have seen little ones take their first steps, develop new skills, and make new friends. Here are just some of the benefits of enrolling your little one in enrichment classes!

Introduction to Hobbies

Finding a love for music, art, sports, or all of the above early on is beneficial for you and your little one. It’s so exciting to see your little one connect to and enjoy an activity; you start to see their personality shine! As they get used to the enrichment class and continue their social emotional development, they will feel comfortable exploring new activities, participating more, and maybe even helping the teacher! This past spring, there was a little one that was in my early learning class who was very shy: they didn’t want to trace the letter of the week, play instruments, or give high fives. However, they kept coming to class and one day I spotted them with shakers in hand – dancing to the songs we were singing and having the most fun I’ve seen them have in class. They came up afterwards to get stamps, which they had not done before, and I even got a high five! I was so proud of them and incredibly happy to see them feel safe and comfortable to be themselves in class.

Learning Teamwork

Socializing with kids their age is super important for your little one’s social emotional development. Classes where little ones get to make music together and learn new sports teaches them about teamwork and the importance of working together. I had a little one in my movement class that would always help me throughout the class. Recently, a couple more kids in the class have started to help as well, and it’s a joy to watch as they work together to help out their teacher. Enrichment classes are also great spaces to meet families with little ones in the same age group. Having support from other parents and grown-ups that are raising little ones is also incredibly helpful – it takes a team to raise our little ones!

Strengthen Other Skills

Little ones learn and grow at different rates, and sometimes a little extra encouragement to participate or get moving is needed for their individual social emotional development. Or maybe they love to move and play and you want them to practice staying engaged for longer periods of time as they continue on their early childhood education journey. Whatever your little one may need, an enrichment class is a great way to get them playing, learning, and having fun!


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