The Online World: Pros and Cons

The Online World: Pros and Cons - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte August 01, 2022

There’s no doubt about it-online classes are officially the new norm! Even though the world is making a push back towards traditional schooling methods, it’s practically a guarantee that virtual education programs, including virtual preschools, are here to stay. As a result, both you and your little one’s educators have both likely had to alter the way you teach. Now with virtual preschool being a viable option alongside in-person learning, it’s time to really look into the ways in which online classes have impacted education as whole in order to ensure that you make the decision that’s right for you and your little one.

  1. Online learning increases accessibility: To start with one of the most fortunate things to be borne out of online learning platforms, having an option for people to learn virtually makes learning much easier to access for people! In-person classes are limited in availability based on space, staff and many other factors, but having virtual preschool options makes it possible for more little ones to be learning-a definite plus!
  2. Online learning leads to an increase in dropout rates: Unfortunately, there have also been an increased number of dropout rates amongst older students, with many struggling to complete their education or degrees! While it may seem premature to worry about something like this with your little one, we mention it in order to help you ensure your child’s success by being an active part of their virtual preschool experience if you choose that path.
  3. Online learning can foster self discipline and motivation: Virtual preschool offers many of the same options for learning as in-person preschool does! However, one thing that isn’t available is the constant supervision from your little one’s educators. While this may seem like a downside, it can actually be a great way for you to help your little one set good habits for the future. Your little one will need your supervision as they learn and grow, but if you help encourage them to tackle their learning in a routine-based way, you can help set them up to be more self-disciplined in the future.
  4. Online learning can make hands-on learning tricky: A sad downside that comes with choosing online learning is the loss of provided supplies. Educators aren’t able to provide every child who chooses online learning with the tools they would be using in class, which can make hands-on learning experiences a bit tougher to come by. This is where your knowledge of how your little one learns might come in handy; if you find that your little one likes to learn in a very hands-on fashion, be sure to invest in tools that will encourage that if you’re choosing virtual preschool.
  5. Online learning can provide more efficient learning: Many people have spoken since the beginning of online learning about how much simpler it feels to do virtual schooling! This is another element that really depends on the little one in question; if you choose virtual preschool, just be certain that such a platform will coincide with what you know about how your little one learns.
  6. Online school can encourage a lack of accountability: Doubling back to the discussion about self-motivation, this can be a potential detractor from choosing online learning for your little one. Because of the lack of direct educator supervision, students from all over the world do not feel the direct pressure many students did before to complete work and the like. This is primarily affecting students who are older in age; it is something that can be solved with a little added supervision on your part!
  7. Easier schedule and time management: One of the best parts of online learning platforms is the total freedom it offers in terms of scheduling and time management. Because sessions can be recorded and played at any time, it makes life as a busy parent a dream. Things like traveling or relocating become less of a detractor, and the increased convenience has led to an overall increase in enrollment in virtual school.

Overall, we know that online learning just isn’t the same as in-person learning. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a really fantastic option for making sure your little one gets the education they need from a virtual preschool platform while also keeping them in a safe and healthy home environment! With a little help from you, your child will always be capable of learning great things!

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