5 Outdoor Activities for You and Your Little One To Do This Summer

5 Outdoor Activities for You and Your Little One To Do This Summer - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte May 30, 2023 parenting tips, Preschool Activities

Fun in the Sun, for You AND Your Little One!

It’s getting to be that time of year again; when the weather gets warm and the sun starts to shine a little more! Summer is a great time for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean learning has to come to a stop! There are so many great activities you and your little one can do together that will make sure they’re still growing and developing, all while having loads of fun!

  1. Outdoor Name Maze: This is such a great educational learning tool as well as a super-fun activity your little one can do outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! With chalk, find an open space where you have room to draw out a giant maze (think of the mazes you see in puzzle books). Start by drawing two large squares; you can mark each one with symbols, such as an arrow or a star, to indicate the beginning and ending of the maze. Then, you complete the maze itself by adding in lines to make it a bit tougher. Finally, add in the letters to a word. It can be a summer themed word, or it can be your little one’s name! Your little one will have so much fun learning and figuring out the puzzle, and they will get to enjoy the outdoors, too!
  2. Spray Bottle Art: Truly, water activities in summertime are so much fun for everyone! For this one, give your little one the chance to make some art of their own, and maybe slide a tiny science lesson in there, too! On a warm day, find a surface that looks different when it is damp. Wood fences are a great option, and sidewalks can be good, too. Fill up a spray bottle with some regular water; you can also add in some food coloring or other coloring tools if you’d like, too. Have your little one use the bottle to make shapes, spell things, or just be creative! Invite them to notice when the surface changes back to its original color if the day is extra warm and the water is evaporating quickly. 
  3. Fly Swatter Bubbles: This is an awesome and enjoyable outdoor activity you can do with your little one that will allow them to participate in sensory play, keeping that development strong! Purchase a few plastic fly swatters and some bubble mix, and on a warm and sunny day, mix some water with the bubble mix, and bring everything outside. Have your little one take a swatter and dip it in the soapy water, and swing it about (safely!) to make bubbles. It’s a soapy good time for all!
  4. Outdoor Freeze Dance: This is one of our favorite year-round activities! Why not take it outdoors? Having a dance party outside for a change will really do wonders for your little one. Not only will it get them moving, but it’ll give them a chance to get some much-needed vitamin D! 
  5. Ice Cube Color Blending: This is a great one for those days where you’re really looking to beat the heat with your little one, and it’s pretty easy, too! A day before, get a few different cups of water, and mix in some food coloring, one color for each cup. Grab your ice trays and use the colored water to make colored ice cubes. The next day, grab some clear glasses and your ice cubes and head outside with your little one! Have them grab two different colors and watch the cubes melt together to make a totally new color. 

We hope you’ll give some of these activities a try, and find even more as the season progresses that’ll give you and your little one time to laugh, bond, and learn together this summer! Try Our Online Preschool for FREE! Playgarden Prep offers numerous educational videos from real teachers, and numerous DIY projects that support early learning and development


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