Virtual Daycare, Playgarden Online and You!

Virtual Daycare, Playgarden Online and You! - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte September 21, 2022

All About Us!

When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit, there was so much to think about! Schools were scrambling to find good alternatives in in-person learning, and busy parents had to juggle working from home as well as finding ways to keep their little ones engaged at home. Now the stress surrounding staying well has lessened a bit, but is still present. Luckily, many schools and learning platforms were hard at work developing ways to keep your little ones busy; one of these was something called virtual daycare.

Virtual daycare or babysitting might seem odd, but it actually has great capacity to work well for both you and your little one. Say you work from home, and have Zoom meetings that you just can’t get around. Virtual daycare platforms offer you a relatively inexpensive way to keep your little one engaged, entertained and learning, all while making sure you can do the work you need to! Usually, a caretaker of some kind will hop onto a video chatting platform with your little one and use many activities to make sure they’re stimulated. These can include playing pretend, reading stories, having dance parties and more. If your little ones are on the older side, they can even offer things like homework help or more complicated activities like origami or music.

So what makes Playgarden Online stand out from your average online daycare service? Playgarden Online is a virtual learning preschool, first and foremost. This may sound daunting, and a little intense, but it isn’t! There are a variety of learning options for your little one that will allow them to be occupied, but also expanding their minds while having fun. We provide an online preschool schedule for you and your little one, which are molded to fit your little one’s needs first. There are Daily Lesson videos, which will provide that time for your little one to sit down and engage with new material. Additionally, upon enrollment in our virtual preschool, a Workbook will be sent to you, filled with worksheets for your little one to complete that reinforce what they’ve learned. Our online preschool platform is also equipped with a Library, filled with songs and more videos to help practice those skills or lessons your little one has been learning.

We know just as well as you do, though, that not all little ones will be able to sit still watching videos for the duration of the day! As such, our online preschool platform includes other ways your little one can get engaged. One of our favorites that is also a crucial part of any online learning method is the Live Classes option! Included in enrollment is the option to participate in a live class over video chat with one of our teachers and other little students. The opportunity to interact with the teachers as well as other little ones allows for that socialization to occur, which is a key part of learning for a child. They can complete activities with the teachers and students, ask questions and, most importantly, have fun! We also have a section devoted to Well-Being, which focuses on the time spent with your little one off-screen; you can prepare snacks together, do art projects or play games, which will also help you have that meaningful and mindful bonding time with your little one. Finally, we offer the opportunity for your little one to have a Weekly Playdate with one of our amazing teachers! It is a good break from the mostly online preschool experience and will also help continue that socialization.

We understand that nothing will really compare to in-person daycare; after all, there’s just no experience like being together with other little ones and a teacher to keep an eye on things! However, Playgarden Online has done a lot of work to ensure that our virtual learning preschool will help your little one learn and grow, and will definitely make your life a bit easier in an affordable way as you create that home/work balance in such a chaotic time.

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