The Importance of Strong Learning and Bonds through Technology

The Importance of Strong Learning and Bonds through Technology - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte August 12, 2022

Something that we all have definitely had to acclimate to with the introduction of the online platform is trying to establish connections with classmates, friends or even relatives! Though many online preschool programs, like Playgarden’s online Montessori preschool, are apt at ensuring that your little one is able to maintain or create those connections, it is a reasonable fear. However, with the right use, technology can actually be an incredible way to develop those bonds, especially if you’re trying to stay extra safe and healthy. Additionally, technology can be used in a way that will help you stay connected with your little one’s teachers and educators in a way that makes your child’s learning experience a positive one!

No matter whether your little one is enrolled in online or in-person preschool, there is no doubt that technology can only help bolster your child’s learning experience! One of the most important parts of sending your child to a preschool program is ensuring a consistent line of communication between you and your little one’s educators. You both spend the most time around your child, and are able to fill in missing information for one another when it comes to helping your child succeed! Technology can be an amazing tool to use in order to make sure that this occurs. In an HHS report regarding the use of technology to support children, a large percentage of parent, family and community engagement products used things like video technology to provide examples of positive parental behavior and to provide educational materials for parents. Another great example of this would be something like a digital portfolio. This is something that documents your child’s work through mediums like photos, videos or video recordings. It allows you to see more of what your little one is doing in their preschool program so that the learning can continue at home. You can track their progress, reinforce areas where extra learning might be necessary and stay up to date on your child’s interests and strengths–plus, think of the memory boxes!

Additionally, a fear many parents have had in the current climate is how they can ensure that their little one is being socialized while also staying safe and healthy! While in-person communication is ideal, there is no doubt that it is a bit harder for those looking to take extra precautions for their health. However, technology provides a great number of resources for making certain that your little one receives necessary socialization while being safe. Educational programs such as online Montessori preschools are wonderful tools to help your little one get that learning in. Additionally, video chatting or phone calls are also really effective in ensuring that your little ones can stay in touch with relatives and your family, even when they’re far away or it isn’t safe to meet up in person! It’s not limited just to family either-your little one’s peers are equally important to keep in touch with.

While there’s no doubt that in-person relationship building is optimal, in a world that’s evolving so quickly, the use of technology as an alternative is so helpful for safely socializing your little one. Virtual calls, online Monetessori preschool learning, and digital portfolios are all amazing tools that will help you help your little one. You’ll be more up to date on your child’s education, and better equipped to stay connected and in touch with your loved ones, no matter the state of the world!

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