Picking a Homeschool Curriculum for You!

Picking a Homeschool Curriculum for You! - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte August 11, 2023 Homeschool Preschool, homeschooling

Checking the Boxes for the Academic Year

As summer starts to come to a close and the school year approaches, lots of parents are busy trying to enjoy these last few sunny days with their little ones, all while hoping to decide on the right curriculum for their toddlers. In an age where the educational options keep expanding, there are more types of homeschool preschool options than ever before! While this may be old hat for some parents, it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re a newcomer. Never fear, though — we’ve broken down some of the top factors that many parents consider when choosing a curriculum (homeschool or virtual preschool) for their little ones, so you know exactly what to look for and consider when making your final decision!

One of the first things most parents want to take a look at when choosing a homeschool preschool program for their little ones is, of course, the curriculum itself! It’s important to consider what your little one is actually going to be learning over the course of the academic year, and where they are developmentally. Two of the most common types of curriculum offered are comprehensive and supplemental. Comprehensive curriculum tends to give focus to all of the core subjects — generally speaking; math, science, reading, and writing. Your little one may have just one virtual preschool educator teaching them all of these different subjects. Supplemental curriculum, on the other hand, is meant to be an additional curriculum not intended to stand on its own. 

How the curriculum is being led is often just as important to parents as the curriculum itself! Each little one learns in a way that is unique to them, so how the curriculum is being delivered to them can make a world of difference in their homeschool preschool learning experience. The two types of leading styles most parents encounter are independent and teacher-led. Teacher-led curriculum is recognizable since it’s very similar to most in-person learning experiences — the teacher is in charge of guiding the lessons. In homeschool preschool settings, this can occur in pre-recorded videos or live video chats as part of virtual preschool. Conversely, Independent curriculum offers little ones the chance to learn on their own with minimal teacher involvement. 

These types of leading styles can also coincide with the pacing of the curriculum that your little one is enrolled in! Independent curriculum may bear similarities with student-led pacing of the lessons, in which little ones can complete work at their own pace. They can move more quickly through the subjects they excel at, while being able to go back and repeat the other material until they master it! On the other side, program-paced learning can be similar to a teacher-led curriculum in that someone else is setting the pace for learning — there is a more set schedule for the curriculum and new concepts will be introduced on a timeline. 

It’s always important to consider your special circumstances, and your little one as well. No two toddlers are alike, and you know your little one better than anyone else! No matter what you decide, your little one will be able to succeed. Try Our Online Preschool for FREE! Playgarden Online offers educational videos from real teachers, and numerous DIY projects that support early learning and development through virtual preschool.


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