Christmas Activities to Help Give Back!

Christmas Activities to Help Give Back! - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte December 20, 2022 Holidays, Preschool Activities, Winter Holidays

Fun and Fellowship with Your Little One This Christmas

The holiday season is a wonderful time for both giving and receiving, and like many other holidays, that’s a huge part of Christmas! Whether you participate in the religious aspects of Christmas or not, it’s an amazing time of year to spend quality time with your loved ones and to give back to the people around you as well as your community!  Below, we’ve included lots of fun crafts that will not only give you and your little one an amazing opportunity to bond together, but will encourage some giving back at this special time of year:

  1. Christmas Cookies for the Community: One of the best ways to spend time with your little one while encouraging them to be altruistic during the holidays is to engage with your community in a small and simple way! Baking cookies and having your little one help deliver them to people in your neighborhood or other community centers is a wonderful way to remind them that the holiday season is all about giving, not receiving! Ask your little one to choose their favorite treat to share, and help them whip up a yummy batch to share with the world. 
  2. Write Cards for Loved Ones: Another fantastic way for your little one to remember the importance of giving and sharing love is to ask them to write cards for their loved ones. It can be relatives, friends or both, but by asking them to sit down and share their feelings with the people close to them, you will help them to be more generous and open with their feelings and love!
  3. Encourage Homemade Gifts: Sure, it’s nice to receive something store bought every once in a while, but it is so much more meaningful when your little one helps make a gift by hand! It’ll really show them how much fun it is to put effort and love into gift-giving, and the recipients are sure to love them too. You can try decorating tote bags or hand towels, building a mini scrapbook for loved ones or paint a lovely canvas. No matter what, your little one will have a good time working on it, and will be so excited to share their gift with their loved one!
  4. Count Down the Days with Good Deeds: A great DIY activity to help encourage your little one to be generous this holiday season is to build a DIY advent calendar using good deeds to help count down the days til Christmas! Use a posterboard and sticky notes to make a makeshift calendar, and write down tiny good deeds on each post-it. It can be as simple as bringing flowers to a teacher, baking something nice for a loved one or bringing someone a hot drink on a snowy day. No matter what, though, all these good deeds will remind your little one of the importance of giving back to those in their life! 

It’s normal for your little one to get excited about gifts and presents this holiday season. With that said, it’s the best time of year to really encourage giving back to the community, and is a great way to set up a practice of giving back year-round, not just during Christmas! Try Our Online Preschool for FREE! Playgarden Prep offers numerous educational videos from real teachers, and numerous DIY projects that support early learning and development.



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