How to Keep Your Little One Learning Through the Holidays

How to Keep Your Little One Learning Through the Holidays - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte December 02, 2022 Holidays, parenting tips, Winter Holidays

Keeping the Learning Going!

The holidays are the best time for gratitude and relaxation, especially in such uncertain times. Making sure you, your little one, and anyone you are close with have the time to celebrate together is so important. Even while preschool at home classes are technically out of session, it’s a great time to introduce other fun ways of learning to your little one through holiday activities for kids so that they can stay happy, healthy, and engaged!

  1. Learn about other cultures: The holidays are wonderful times to engage with people who celebrate different things or believe in different traditions than you and your little one! Lots of countries celebrate very different things than your family, and exploring all different kinds of celebrations and traditions is an amazing way of expanding your child’s worldview while keeping things festive. Together with your little one, pick a country or belief that you want to learn more about, and use your preschool at home skills to look into their traditional holiday practices. Encourage your child (if they’re old enough) to work on their reading and writing skills by bringing you a small report of those different customs, or ask them to sharpen their interest in history by inquiring why some cultures practice the traditions they do. You can even help your little one practice their math, science, and nutritional skills/knowledge by preparing dishes that are native to a country or belief. No matter what you choose, your little one will walk away a little more educated on the world around them through such fun holiday activities for kids.
  2. Practice multitasking: This is a hugely applicable skillset to work on with your little one, and with how busy the holidays get, there’s no better opportunity for your little one to be working on their multitasking skills. We encourage making your little one a small “to-do” list that they need to work through and check off boxes as they complete. You can include activities like baking sweet treats, organizing their room or preschool at home learning spaces, or making ornaments and decorations for the house. Multitasking is something that will only show up more and more as your little one gets older, so it’s a great thing to introduce to them in a way that is lighthearted and fun. 
  3. Build budgets: This is another great life skill to practice with your little one through holiday activities for kids. If you are out and about buying presents for people, or even grocery shopping, bring your child along and have them help you build the budget. You can teach your little one to understand the value of money and what it means to spend, all while helping them practice their preschool at home math skills! You can have them practice comparing prices of items and making sure all items can be purchased within the budget. 
  4. Make holiday activities for kids a project: The holidays are full of so many activities that can be transformed into projects that have educational value! If your family purchases a Christmas tree, have your little one help you to do some research on the type of tree you buy, and the differences between it and other types of trees. You can choose anything you like to have them work on, whether it’s a holiday card with pictures and decorations, thinking up holiday-related field trips your family could take, craft and gift making, or finding places to volunteer. All of these hold great possibilities for fun, and really offer your little one a chance to build their skills during the holidays through holiday activities for kids.

The holidays are a really wonderful time for gratitude and appreciating the extra time you have with your little one, and also offer up so many opportunities for extra learning, even outside the preschool at home classroom. By using the festivities to help your little one learn, you can build positive mental associations in your little one between fun times and learning, and will prepare your little one for when it is time to return to your regular preschool at home schedule!

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