Homeschool Curricula and Accreditation—What You Need to Know!

Homeschool Curricula and Accreditation—What You Need to Know! - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte January 18, 2023 Homeschool Preschool, online homeschool

Here at Playgarden Online, we know that every parent wants their little one to have the best — education included! In today’s day and age, many parents are choosing to enroll their children in an online homeschool program to begin their educational journey. With this decision always comes the topic of “accreditation” for curricula, which can often be a stressor on parents who are hoping to homeschool their little one. There are lots of questions asked by parents surrounding this topic and a lot of confusion regarding state requirements, importance of finding an accredited curricula, and the like, but we’re here to unpack and de-bunk certain ideas around finding accredited homeschool preschools for your little one, and how that fits into your homeschool plan.

The first thing to understand is the word “accreditation” itself. The term is usually used when either an in-person learning environment or school has been reviewed by an agency specifically designed to accredit, and has been found to achieve specific standards. Because accreditation is typically applied to in-person schools, the question remains: Do accredited homeschools exist?

The answer is a bit more complicated than you’d think, and can ultimately be boiled down to semantics. There is actually no way for homeschool curricula to be accredited — only academic institutions get that title. So, for parents hoping to homeschool, there is no state that requires an accredited homeschool curriculum. Furthermore, if we’re talking about preschool and Pre-K specifically, most states have minimal or no requirements for your child’s education prior to kindergarten, meaning that it’s up to you as a caregiver to make the best decisions you can for your little one. In short: an accredited homeschool preschool program doesn’t really exist.

However, when choosing to homeschool your little one, it is still extremely important to review your state’s regulations for homeschool curricula — especially if you’re going to continue homeschooling your child beyond homeschool preschool and through high school. Some states may require state-certified teachers to monitor your little one’s progress, or may need involvement from an umbrella organization that is affiliated with accredited school. Some important questions to ask may be:

  1. What are the qualification requirements for the instructor?
  2. Are there certain subject or curriculum requirements?
  3. Is state-sponsored oversight necessary for homeschooling?

As your little one grows older, if you choose to continue homeschooling, it’s also good to research what kinds of credits are necessary for them to graduate. Many K through 12 online homeschool programs can provide guidance on these necessary benchmarks and requirements. Choosing an online homeschool preschool with an excellent curriculum can allow you the time to do your research on your child’s schooling beyond Pre-K, while your child gets ready for Kindergarten.

One of the most important things to bear in mind when choosing homeschooling and the curriculum for you and your little one is also your goals and, if you continue homeschooling into high school, your child’s goals! Always consider your reasons for choosing homeschooling, what things you and your little one consider priorities in education, if there’s a possibility for transition back into traditional school and what your child’s goals for the future are. By keeping all of these questions in mind, you can ensure a successful homeschool experience.

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