The Importance of Using Technology Together!

The Importance of Using Technology Together! - Playgarden Online
BY Miss Charlotte September 21, 2022 EdTech

Two Is Better Than One

As your little one gets older and older, they will learn quickly and be amazed at how much they enjoy being able to independently complete tasks. However, there are instances where even if your child can do something on their own, it doesn’t mean they should! Technology use, especially in learning settings, such as online preschool, is a great example of this. In a published report from 2016 that focused on the effectiveness of informal media learning, seven studies focused on home learning; in the studies that included efforts to provide parents with content guides, supplemental activities and more, there was a display of positive associations between this at-home learning and the math ability of the little ones who participated! What’s more, this awareness of what their children were learning also led to an increased display of engagement from parents in helping their little ones learn!

There’s no doubt it can be tough with contemporary technological tools to have a shared experience with your little one-after all, tablets and smartphones are mostly designed for an individual experience. But once again, the research is definitive in that young children will retain learning from technological sources like virtual preschools, but only with your help!

So, how can you and your little one use technology in a way that is fun, stimulating and safe? Let’s start with some basics! Before your child sets off on their learning quest, one of the best things you can do for them as a parent is to talk to them beforehand. There is rarely a situation in which communication between you and your little one will hinder their learning process, and by talking to them about the content they will consume as well as important elements to pay attention to, you will increase the chances of your child more actively engaging with the content. Once you’ve done this, it’s time for you and your little one to use the technology! That’s right-you’ve prepared them for what they will be learning, but it’s still really important for you to be side-by-side with them as they engage with their online learning experience. Your positive reactions and reinforcement will only encourage them further! Finally, just to make sure all that learning is properly reinforced, you can follow up the online learning experience with something to help your little one remember all they just learned, such as singing a song about the content or applying it in the real world!

We’ve discussed some good steps to take when using technology, such as virtual learning preschools, to learn. But what are some other ways in which you can use technology to help stimulate your little one as they learn?  It’s best summed up in these three words: engage, communicate, and create! Each of these words explores a different facet of technology use that will ensure that your little one is getting the stimulation they need with you by their side. Engaging with technology alongside your little one by enjoying content that encourages you to get out into the world around you. Online yoga classes, learning a dance together or going on a virtually led scavenger hunt are all great examples of this! Communicating is all about making those connections with the help of technology. Having video calls with friends and family members that you don’t get to see often with your little one is a perfect way of getting the most out of your technology use. Finally, creating through technology offers your little one to get in touch with their artistic side. There are so many fun platforms available now that allow you to do things such as record songs with your little one, play music online and more! For even more learning, you can work together with your little one to take lessons they’ve learned from their online preschool and write songs with them. The world is your oyster!

As always, it’s a good idea to stay up-to-date on what specialists are saying about technology use for your little one, and to be vigilant with the apps you use and download, but there’s no doubt about it that with the proper support, technology, online preschool and other virtual learning environments can certainly work for you and your little one!

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